2 ALWARS (Great Vaishnava Saints)

Sri-Venkateswara-Swami-TempleNammalvar (3000 B.C) extols Lord Venkateswara as the veritable aushadam (medicine) for curing the disease of samsara in the areas of birth and death. Saint Kulasekhara Alvar prays to the Lord Srinivasa to grant him even the lowest birth in the holy Tirumala Hills – as a fish in the sacred Swami Pushkarini, or as a tree, or as anything on the golden hills of Lord Venkateswara (emberumaan ponmalai mEl EdhEnum avEnE).Ten of the 12 Alwars have sung of, or mentioned, Tiruvenkatam in a total of 202 verses of the “Naalayira Divya Prabandam”.
Sri Tallapaka Annamacharya (Annamayya):
Sri Tallapaka Annamacharya (Annamayya) (1408-1503) the great divine music composer of the 15th century is the earliest known musician of South India to compose songs called “sankIrtanas” in praise of  Lord Sriman Narayan(Venkateswara). Annamayya composed 32,000 (Thirty two thousand) songs (Sankirtanas), glorifying Lord Sri Venkatesha. These Sankirtanas are avaiable in Tirumala with TTD. Tirumala Tirupati Devastanams (TTD) and other organizations in India are working hard to promote the music and literature of Annamacharya.

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