8 Saturdays deeparadhana for Lord Venkateshwara.

lord perumalI think some of you might know about this pooja.I would like to share this in detail for those who don’t know about this pooja.This is deeparadhana for lord venkateshwara for 8 saturdays with rice flour.

You can keep deepam for Lord Venkateshwara for 8 saturdays in order to overcome what ever problems you have.We say lord venkateshwara as vaddi kaasulavadu. Vaddi means interest.So we have to keep 7+1 totally 8 wicks in a diya and do deeparadhana for 8 saturdays.

This is how you can do.Take rice flour according to which size you want to make diya.To this rice flour add some milk, jaggery and some banana and mix nicely like chapathi dough.Then make a diya from that.put either ghee or sesame oil.make 8 wicks and then apply some camphor to the edges of the wicks.Place all the wicks in diya and try to light the diya using camphor.(not with an ordinary match stick). Pray wholeheartedly.

Do this for 8 saturdays and definitely you can see good results.

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