The idol of the Lord is majestic, beautiful and superbly executed one. Themost arresting feature of the Lord is the permeating aura of an overpowering sense of divinity. His facial expression with long and dark eyes is ‘sama drishti’, and an eternal smile is extraordinarily tranquil and beautiful, reflecting a sense of complete love and serenity, that envelops all living creatures in its benevolence.

The Lords figure is richly adorned with flowing locks of hair or jatajuta and some of these locks of curly hair rest on the shoulders. The nose is delicately carved and is neither prominent nor flat. The mouth of the Lord is also exquisitely shaped. The chin and ears are carved proportionately. The ears have beautiful ornaments. The chest of the Lord, if measured, is between 36 to 40″ in width, while the waist would be between 24 to 27″. The neck is conch-like and the body in the posture of a lion exquisitely shape. The belly is also beautifully modeled.

The Lords image has 4 arms, the upper two being carved to hold the chakram and the conch – they are not integral parts of the main idol. It can be removed. The upper right arm holds Sudarshan Chakra; the upper left arm holds Panchajanya, the conch. The lower right hand is in the Varada hasta pose, while the lower left hand Katyavalambita pose. Actually the fingers of the left hand rest on the left thigh, with the thumb of the hand almost parallel to the waist line. The body near and below the waist has taken a slight tilt to the left and the knee themselves are bent and open slightly outwards, giving the idol peculiar grace and charm. Mother Lakshmi is carved on the right chest of the Lord in the sitting pose and an integral part of the mula murti.

The yagnopavitam and a set of four necklaces can also be clearly made out of the idol. The arms have armlets. The figure is depicted as wearing a dhoti from the waist downwards, while the upper portion is not covered by any dress or vastram. The nipples are button-like and prominent. There a waist band about 2″ thick. The feet models of perfection and have ornaments near the anklets. The Lords image has on the shoulders marks resembling ‘ scars made by the constant wearing of the bow and a pack of arrows’.

The idol is a splendid specimen of a divya manohara murti. A darshan is a spiritual experience in itself. Who can describe Him who is beyond speech and time? We in our vanity think of serving him. But whatever we do the love and his ever flowing grace is there, and whatever may or may not be added to a devotee, one thing is certain, that mental peace , joy and a strength to sustain anything which the Lord chooses to give us would be added to us.

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