A great Vratham that was given by Lord Venkateswara Himself

Lord-Venkateswara-Swamy-www.picturesgallery (25)In this whole universe there is no place greater then Tirupathi. There is no God greater then Lord Venkateswara, till now nor will there in the future.Great are the leelas of Lord Venkateswara. Lord Venkateswara himself has come and lived at Tirupathi in Kaliyuga to help us all overcome our difficulties.Lord Venkateswara loves his bhaktas a lot. If we leave out our egoism and desires for worldly things and pray whole-heartedly to Lord Venkateswara’s Lotus feet, he will take care everything. In Kaliyuga there is no greater God then Lord Venkateswara, That is the reason thousands of devotees go to Tirupathi to pray to the Lord everyday.

If we pray to Lord Venkateswara whole-heartedly we will feel very happy and know him as the supreme God.‘Sri Venkateswara Vratha Kalpam’ has been written with Lord Venkateswara’s Grace.In Kaliyuga all human beings experience various kinds of difficulties. If we want to get rid of our difficulties we should do the Venkateswara vratham just once, all our difficulties will vanish.The first story in this vratham was written on Tirupathi Hill itself. This was written with the grace and order of Lord Venkateswara himself. The remaining four stories were written by great munis Vishwamitra, Bharadwaaja, Vasishtha and Aathri.

Tirumala is a divine place. In Tirumala if we sit calmly at any place and meditate we can clearly hear the ‘Omkara’. Not only that we can hear the Vedas, the Puranas and Upanishads too. Even today Three Crores (mukothi) devathas and Mahamunis roam in Tirumala in invisible forms. Tirupathi is such a divine and holy place. Only due to the fruits of good deeds earned for several lives we are able to set foot on the divine hill of Tirumala. Only with great merit can we serve the supreme lord.

Doing this Vratham is very simple and easy. Every one can do the vratham according to their means and convenience. Any kind of difficulty goes away in a few minutes of doing this vratham. Bhakthi and concentration is very important while doing the vratham. With a peaceful mind, keeping full concentration on the feet of the Lord if this vratham is done, one can reap the full benefit immediately.

Lord Srinivasa knows our limitations etc all the difficulties we face in Kaliyuga. That is the reason he gave us this very easy way of pleasing him and getting our troubles removed. That Lord will surely bless those who do this vratham, listen to the stories and eat the prasadam. Their difficulties will be removed.Writing this vratham has been a Mahayagnam. For an ordinary human being like this great priviledge of writing this book has come only due to Lord Venkateswara’s grace and blessings of all the gods and saints.

While writing this book my wife Srimathi Venkata Rukmini Vaidehi and my children chirajivi Anandi, Amukh and Aditya. Sri Vasavi Graphics and Sri and Srimathi P. Jagdish did the cover page of this book very nicely. I pray that Lord Srinivasa and Goddess Lakshmi bless them.Similarly in printing this book many of Srinivasas beloved devotees helped me a lot. I pray that they and all their family members always get Lord Srinivasa’s grace.What can be greater luck then being able to write such a vratha that is the Lords favorite. I will spend my life in serving the Lord and taking his Tatwa closer to peoples hearts.

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