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Tirupati Balaji According to the Tirumala sthala Purana . They was said legend of Venkateswara’s Avatar . There was a ancient Talks that There wre some rishies and there was Kasyapa rishi. Some rishis Asked Kasyapa Rishis The Sacrifie For the holy Purpose at the bank of ancient ganga nadi . But in this means time You very well know the Narada Rishi, TheY directly Go to the Kashyapa rishi and Narada rishi asked the Kashyapa rishi , that why are you going to sacrifies and for this sacrifies who will get Profit . IN the same time the rishis go to the sage Bhrugu And it was said that there was an an extra eye in the sole of his foot. Gotiong to this situation Sage Bhrigu Went to the satya loka .

When Sage Bhrigu Reached at the loard Bhrama lok they see that Lord Brahma Was reciting the four Vedas in praise of The Lord Narayana .But all is vain . There was no any notice By the Loarda Bhrama to the Bhrigu . In this situation Loard Bhrigu got angry and they Cursed to the Loard Bhrama that he shall not have temples of worship in Bhooloka means Earth they left Kailasha parvat for the Loard Shiva . At then they went to the Loard Shive at the Kailasha Parvat .

Loard shiva was in the in meditation with Parvati by his side. Then Bhrigu called him many times but there is not any response from the Lord Shiva . Another time they got angry and Again they Cured Lord Shiva that there will be a only only stone idols Linga in Bhooloka

And At last they went to the Vaikuntha For the lord Vishu they found that Lord Vishu was resposing on A reposing on Adisesha with Sri Mahalakshmi in service at His feet. Again Lord Vishnu did not any response for the Bhrigu . Again Bhrigu got angry and they kicked the lord Vishu At the his Chest . At his reaction Lord Vishu Got hold at he both legs of the Bhrigu ,

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In that act the extra eye that was in the sole of his foot got squeezed. it is to be believed tha extra eye represent the sage’s egotism. Brighu’s realized he has done grave mistake  and apologized to Lord Vishnu. Afterall, the sage find out that Lord Vishnu was the supremest of the Trimurti and told all the rishis. You can check all detail like Shri trupati balaji live dasrshan Shri trupati balaji Latest Song Shri trupati balaji Latest Bhajasns Shri trupati balaji HD Wallpaper Shri trupati balaji Mirecles and Shri trupati balaji audio and video bhajans then you can check all detail about website . We provide the live darshan from the tirupati temple and we collect audio bhajans and video bhajas from the many Resources.


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