Agasthya visiting Sankara on the southern side of Seshadri Mountain


Agasthya reached the southern side of the mountain that had dark clouds, shrubs and trees full of flowers, ripened fruits habited by many animals and birds like swans, eagles, wood peckers and sweet singing chakravaka birds. It is covered with rocks that were dark, It also had many herbs, beautiful rivulets, and was a suitable place for the demi-gods. On the Southern side he saw a rare tree which was unseen before. Agasthya along with all the seers took a closer look at the huge tree which had several branches. He suddenly saw someone who had three eyes that burnt like red fire with long hair. He was none other than Sankara (umapathi) who was sitting facing north. He possessed four hands and his throat was dark colored.

He was holding the pinaka (bow) weapon. He had a peaceful appearance and was wearing ear ornaments that were shining with studded diamonds. He was being worshiped by valorous servants with thousands of hands, Durvasa, Nandikeswara, Banasura, Yakshas, Kinnaras, Haahaa gandharvas and HuuHuu gandharvas. After seeing Sankara, Agastya prostrated in front of Him. The seers kept requesting, “Oh! Dear Lord Sankara! Please bless us, please bless us”. Agasthya prayed to Sankara, “O Lord! Why aren’t you responding? Who are You meditating on? Who’s the supreme God who resides here?” Sankara replied, “From Bramha to the smallest of the beings, including me meditate on Lord Srimannarayana who resides in everything, who is the creator of all the worlds, who is the Lord of all the entities, who is prayed by humans.

Srimannarayana is the only one who can be meditated upon.” “There is no one else in the entire creation who is worthy of meditating on other than Srimannarayana who permeates all the worlds and who is the supreme Lord. That Srimannarayana, who is the creator of all the worlds, is residing on this Narayanadri mountain.” “As I was in deep meditation on the supreme God Srimannarayana, I couldn’t speak to you. I know you are in search of Srimannarayana. You will see Him. Bramha and I have conveyed you the same. Very soon Srimannarayana will come to you. Until then you should continue moving around this mountain. You shouldn’t be sad. Keep meditating on Srimannarayana.” Agasthya bowed to Sankara many times. While the great seers and Agasthya were watching, Sankara and others disappeared. Agastya and rest of the seers left the place.”

This spectacular dialogue between Agasthya and Sankara was spread across the entire world by the seers. Then Sage Vamadeva said, “O King Janaka! I have told you about this historical event, which when heard, will destroy all the sins. What else would you like to hear?” King Janaka replied, “Oh great seer Va:made:va! You have revealed this amazing event to me. I have listened with great joy. I want to hear what Agastya did next”. Vamadeva replied to King Janaka, “After bowing to Sankara, Agasthya left the southern side and went in the southwestern side of Mount Narayanadri.”

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