Agasthya’s dialogue with Indra, meditating for the appearance of the Lord…

tirumalaIt appeared as a great spectacle. After the crater disappered, Agasthya, travelling on the sacred mountain of Ve:nkatachalam, at one place, saw a tall maddhi tree that had many branches, One that caused great awe, one that had blossoming flowers and one that was not visible to human beings. After seeing that tree, Agasthya filled with awe approached the tree and witnessed Sachidevi’s husband who was meditating at the base of the tree. One who had great arms resembling the great branches of maddhi tree, one who was dazzling and wearing a crown that radiated the light of many diamonds; one who had ear ornaments named kundalas which were dazzling with shining diamonds; one who was shining like Srimannarayana; one who was wearing Vajrayudha, one who had wide eyes; one who was being served by demi gods Surya, Agni, Yama, Vasu, Aswini de:vata:s, Kubera, Varuna, Gandharva, Kinnara pungavas wearing great ear ornament and divine clothes.

Thus he saw Indra being served by great demi gods. Immediately, Agasthya, who possessed the great attributes of demi gods approached Lord Indra. Then he worshipped Agasthya and other seers as per the sastras.” Then Agasthya smiled and asked them, “Oh De:vata:s! Why did you all come here? What are you meditating for? Why did you see this mountain with great awe? Please answer me. I want to listen about this from all of you.” Then the de:vatha:s said, “Great seer Agasthya! We came here to Simha:dri and are meditating on Srimannarayana who has lotus like wide eyes, who is adorned with auspicious weapons Sankha (conch shell), Chakra (dazzling discus), Gada (divine mace); who is the saviour of the surrendered souls and who permeates all the worlds. We desire to win over the powerful Devajitth and other demons and hence we are praying to Lord Srimannarayana”. Agasthya, after leaving the demi gods and the eastern side of the mountain went to the southern part of the mountain along with other seers.

On the south-eastern side they saw Sankha (conch), Chakra (discus), Gada (mace), Sarnga (bow), Naagali (plough), Khadga (sword) sitting in their original forms and were brilliant and radiant, wearing divine ornaments, scented solution (raktha chandanam) applied on their bodies, wearing divine flower garlands around their ankles, shoulders and waist and appearing very pleasing to the sight. Seeing them, Agasthya reached them at once in joy, circumambulated them with great awe along with the other seers and eulogized them. Then they proceeded to see primordial lord, the destroyer, Sankara. They climbed the mountain and circumambulated it.

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