lord balajiIn Thretha Yuga, there lived a demon named Kesari. He prayed to Maha Siva wishing for a son. However as he was not destined to beget a son, Maha Siva blessed him a beautiful daughter. Kesari named her Anjana. Anjana grew up as a beautiful and obedient daughter. She got married to a great vanara called Kesari. She did not have any kids for a long time. This made her very sad. She wanted to have a son that would make her father also happy as he wished for a son. She did severe penance and prayed to innumerable sages and demigods with no result. Seeing her sorrow, god of dharma came to her and told her that she will have a son if she does penance on the banks of the spring Akasha Ganga on mount Venkatachala.

Anjana started doing a rigorous penance on Ve:nkatachalam. In the initial stages of the penance she did not eat anything. Seeing her dedication, Vayu deva used to blow a fruit, every day, into her hand from the nearby forest. Anjana used to eat that fruit. One day Maha Siva and Parvati came to Venkatachalam and were wandering around. While enjoying the beauty of the forests, they saw two monkeys in love. They too took the form of vanaras (monkey like forms) and were playing on the mountain. At that time the energy from Maha Siva got blown by the God of Air into Anjana’s hands which she consumed.

A voice from the sky greeted Anjana about the son she was carrying because of Maha Siva and mentioned that her son would be a great vanara and that he would be assisting Lord Rama in killing a demon called Ravana. After some time, on an Ekadasi day in Sraavana maasa and during the Sravana star she gave birth to an amazing monkey. His skin glittered like gold. He was named Anjaneya (Hanuman). Anjaneya was hungry all the time. One fine morning he saw the rising sun and thought it was a fruit. He jumped towards the sun with all his energy. He held the sun with force and got into a tussle. Seeing this, the four headed Bramha threw the powerful weapon called Bramhastra at Anjaneya. Anjaneya defended himself from Bramhastra with the help of his tail. All the creatures in the world were amazed at the strength of this monkey.

The impact of Brahmstra was so powerful that Anjaneya fell on the ground and became unconscious. Seeing her son unconscious, Anjana was very sad and in an angry voice, cursed the demigods and the four headed Bramha. The world came to a standstill. To pacify Anjana, demigods granted Anjaneya boons – that he cannot be harmed by any weapon or any magic, he cannot be killed by any demons or demigods and that he would be wise and very intelligent. Bramha praised Anjana about the great penance she did which gifted her with the child Anjaneya. Because she did her penance on mount Venkatachala, he gave her a boon that the mount Venkatachala will also be called as ‘Anjanachala’ after her name.

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