Appearance of Vishwaksena to Agasthya and Other sages on Seshadri

Lord SrinivasaVamadeva continued telling Janaka about Sage Agastya’s journey to Seshadri mountain. Sage Agasthya saw Viswakse:na, sitting on a rock beneath a tall tree with several branches. The tree was so huge that it resembled mountain Mandhara. Nityasuris are the eternal members of the abode of Srimannarayana, the paramapada. Sri Vishwaksena the administrator of nityasuris, is the commander-in-chief of all the battallions. He has a bright aura and always meditates on Srimannarayana. Vishwakse:na resembled Lord Narayana Himself and was surrounded by melodiously singing Gandharvas, Kinnaras, nymphs (apsarasas) , Siddhas, Devatas along with other Bramharshis. Sage Agasthya was amazed to see Vishwaksena and did sashtanga  namaskara (a salute made by touching the whole body to the earth in a posture in which the 8 key parts of the body touch the earth).

Vishwaksena addressed the Sages, “Lord Srimannarayana who has the entire universe as his body can be seen on this mountain. We constantly serve the supreme Lord Srimannarayana, whom Vedas declared as the most powerful one, the victorious and the brightest one, along with his Sankha and Chakra, the Lord of all. Together let us all pray to God Srimannarayana.” Vishwakse:na along with his battalion disappeared after receiving the salutations from all the sages and de:vata:s. All the sages, after saluting Vishwakse:na, saw the mountain filled with the most beautiful flowers, decorated in different ways, covered by black and white clouds and served by the great angels, demons, gandharvas, yakshas, kimpurushas and vidyadharas. While the sages experienced great astonishing joy, Agasthya said, “Oh! Great sages! The king of devatas, Indra has won many wars with the help of these great warriors.

After visiting them we shall go to the great mountain to see Lord Srimannarayana. While Sage Agasthya was wandering on the auspicious mount named ‘Vrishabhadri’, he saw many mighty trees, rivers filled with pure water and small mountains filled with various forests. The black colored mountain reverberated with the noises of swans, birds, deer and elephants. He took bath in the holy waters of the rivers that were surrounded by various kinds of trees and finished his prayers. He also saw the other sages who were recollecting the words of Bramha and were waiting for the auspicious appearance of Lord Srimannarayana. Sage Agasthya and rest of the sages took bath in the pond where Kumara Swami (son of Siva) was meditating on Lord Srinivasa three times a day. Taking a sip of water, with tranquil mind they all prayed to Lord Srimannarayana offering fragrant flowers waiting for His appearance. With complete surrender all the sages started praying, meditating, and taking a dip in all the holy water bodies, eager to see mother Sridevi and Lord Srinivasa.

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