Belief in Lord Venkateswara

Lord-Sri-Venkateswara-With-Flower-DecorationThis happend to me several years ago. I thought I will share it with someone.
I asked for a favor from Lord Venkateswara of Tirumala when I visited him 1990.I prayed that I will make some donations(Rs.1800) to Lord Venkateswara of Tirumala. I got what I wanted but I postponed visiting Tirumala and making donation. I even thought that I got what I want because of my own effort.
Then in 1992, I was working in Ahmedabad and staying in a hostel. Generally kids or women come used to come with a notebook asking for money. The notebook will contain few pages of information about how they lost their home, family etc. On a sunday morning one middle aged man like a beggar came and asked for money. He looked dark, did not talk, and just looked at me. He gave me his notebook. When I opened it I saw the phogograph of Lord Venkateswara. I just closed the notebook and told him I can’t give any money. I told him he is not going to use the money to visit Tirumala. He said OK and left.
This happend in the third floor of the hostel building. I just had some fear and started following him after few seconds. He was in the second floor in the staircase. He saw me coming down, smiled at me and disappeared. He smiled at me in such a way that I am going to have problems.
After this incident till now I have problem with my money. Though I make a six digit salary in the US, I don’t save anything. I visited Tirumala in 2002 and made a donation of Rs. 20,000 but still I am not settled down.

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