Benefits of doing Charities on Venkatachalam.

lard balaji venkateswara (96)

King Janaka thanked Vamadeva Maharshi and asked him, “Dear Vamadeva Maharshi, you told me about the significance of all the sacred places of Lord Venkateswara on Venkatachalam. You also described the necessary charities to be performed here to obtain salvation and grace of the Lord. Now please tell me in more detail, what specific charities need to be performed on Narayanadri as a result of which a person can get rid of all his past bad karma.” Vamadeva Maharshi replied, “There is no higher charitable act than the donation of food on the banks of the Swami Pushkarini in Venkatadri and those will be gifted with perfect health.” Devotees who donate food, property, gold or silver; people who perform kanya danam and those who offer sesame seeds (til) for the departed souls would attain heavenly abode and will be worshiped in the Vishnu Loka (or the abode of Lord Vishnu).

People donating food on Venkatachalam seeking noting in return would be blessed with pure devotion for Lord Srinivasa.In the end they will attain the highest possible place, the Paramapadam. He who bathes in Swami Pushkarini and drinks the holy water (or Thirtham) will be similarly blessed with liberation from past bad deeds and obtain Vishnu Loka after death. Donating cows, gold, clothes, property and (Til) sesame seeds according to one’s capability on Venkatadri will give one a long life with perfect health, with all material benefits in this life, and in the end bless him with eternal bliss. Vamadeva then continued to tell King Janaka about what Lord Bramha told him once about the history of Venkatachalam and Swami Pushkarini. Vamadeva had meditated on Lord Bramha for several centuries and was granted him a boon. Then he requested Lord Bramha to tell him about the glory of Swami Pushkarini ( the lake ) on Venkatachalam. Lord Bramha responded, “Long time ago, Chandra (the Moon) donated gold ornaments at the banks of Swami Pushkarini and attained eternal beauty in return.

Lord Kamadeva or Manmadha (the God of Love) gave his daughter away in marriage at the same banks of Swami Pushkarini and obtained a very desirable appearance and beauty that enchants everyone who sees him. Similarly Kubera (the god of wealth) got his riches by donating gold here. Lord Indra donated sixteen different items at the banks, as a result of which he was able to conquer the most formidable demons. A Brahmin named Kavyavitta obtained Bramha jnanam (knowledge of the almighty God) and became known as a renowned scholar. Whoever donates any item at the banks of Swami Pushkarini will obtain higher abode after death”. Saying so, Lord Bramha continued to sing the glory and praise of Lord Venkateswara at Venkatachalam, “The festival of Srinivasa at the banks of Swami Pushkarini was conducted by me during the month of Bhadrapadam. This is called Bramhotsavam. From then onwards people have been celebrating sacred ceremonies and Bramhotsavam in Bhadrapada masa for Lord Srinivasa.

It is said that even a small prayer in the name of Lord Vishnu during this month will help fulfill the wishes of the devotees. Every step towards Narayanadri hills during Brahmotsavam, according to Lord Bramha, will provide the same results as would be obtained by performing a major Yajna.” Vamadeva then asked Bramha about the benefit of serving devotees who attend the Brahmostsavam. Lord Bramha replied that Lord Venkateswara would fulfill their heart’s desires. However the greedy ones would be punished. Whoever builds a beautiful flower garden at Swami Pushkarini could enjoy such a garden in the heaven. Any good deed done at Swami Pushkarini would reward one with endless benefits. After listening to all this, King Janaka was very much inspired. After having handed over the reins of administration to his able ministers, Janaka travelled to Venkatadri to worship Lord Venkateswara there.

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