Benefits of meditating on Sri Lakshmi Varaha Swamy kshetra on Anjanadri

lord srinivasaAccomplished saints always did penance here. People who do not have respect for Ve:da:s or who do not have faith in God cannot visit this mountain. It is a sacred mountain worshipped by Suka Mahar shi, Bhrugu Maharshi and several other great saints. Great devotees like Pra hlada, great kings like Ambaris a considered this mountain as the body of Lord Vishnu Himself. They feared to step on the mountain and onl y took the sacred water flowing from the mountain and performed all rites in the water staying close to the mountain. They performed penance to Lord Srimannarayana to appear, which is why this mountain is considered as the most sacred mountain.

It is said that just by looking at the crown of the mountain all sins are removed immediately . On this mountain Lord Srimannarayana, in the form of Vara:ha, is holding Bhudevi seated on his lap close to him. He is worshipped by all the great saints three times a day. This place has become famous as Varaha Kshe:tra . I f Varaha mantra is chanted with dedication for one month following all the rules laid out in the sa:stra:s in the auspicious Varaha Kshe:tra in Ve:nkatadri, all wishes will be fulfilled. They will be bl essed with land and property immediately.

Kings/Rulers who wish to rule the kingdom forever, should do sixteen types of charity and please Varahaswamy and Bhudev i. It is said, Varahaswamy blesses such king/rulers with good land/kingdom free from all troubl es and removes all the obstacles to flourish for a long time. Those who do not worship Bhudevi (Lakshmi) with Varahaswamy and proceed to rule the kingdom wil l be troubled by famine, floods and face problems with enemies, robber s and sickness throughout the kingdom. Hence, all rulers should worship Lord Sri Laks h mi Vara:ha Swamy.

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