Idols-of-Lord-Balaji-with-PadmavathyThis idol is made of silver and was consecrated by the donor, the Pallava queen, Samavai in 966 A.D.It is recorded in an epigraph on the wall of the temple, which is perhaps he earliest inscription in the temple. She also presented gold ornaments, lands and provision for lighting of lamps, and daily offering of cooked rice for the Lord. The idol is a true copy of the mula murti except that the shanka and chakra are permanently fixed. On the peetham and below the feet, is a yantra, as if two equilateral triangles are symmetrically interlaced one being an invert of the other.

It is possible that such a yantram might have existed originally in the idol as we see in one of the verses of Nammalvar- composed two centuries earlier than the installation of the Manavalaperumal-name of the Bhoga Srinivasa. The Bhoga Srinivasa gets abhisheka every morning, unlike the moola murti, only on Fridays. At night this deity is put to bed in paryankasana. During daily ekantaseva, this idol is placed in a silver cradle in the Sayana mantapa and milk etc is offered to this Lord with music and songs composed by Annamayya. Sandal wood paste is also applied every night.

One peculiarity of this service is, in dhanurmasa, Ekantaseva is done to the Krishna idol, instead of the Bhoga Srinivasa. This idol was intimately connected with the main idol of the Dhruva Murti by means of a silk cord at the time of the installation. A gold link and a silk cord is still attached to this idol when he is brought outside the sanctum sanctorum for deputising the Dhruva Murti on festive occasions. This device is known as Sambhandha Kurcha, literally a bunch of 32 blades of grass. Therefore all pooja are normally performed to Bhoga Srinivasa and the decorations are made to the main deity.

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