539638_462141137136990_852127675_nWe go to the SEVEN HILLS-THIRUPATI. We bow to the Lord of the Seven Hills Lord Balaji also known as VENKATACHALAPATHI,the owner of the Hills and the presiding deity and feel happy. But there are many a miracles, truths, and practices in vogue of which many of us are unaware of. An attempt has been made to compile and present some of these here under. all these are findings are gathered by Tirupati Package from Bangalore dot com from different sources online and offline, in any way any segment of info is wrong please let us know we will be glad to rectify the same.

Mentioned below are some chilling secrets about the sacred idol of Lord Balaji of SEVEN HILLS.

1.About one KM distance away from the main temple of Balaji, there are few rare stone structural formations known as SHILA THORANAM (Stone Decorations).This is the only place wherein such stones are seen in this world.The age of these stones is placed around 250 crores of years(2500 million years).The sacred idol of BALAJI too belongs to these types of stone only.

2.PACHCHA KARPOORAM(Literally means Green Camphor)(a soft white crystals, a type of salt,of which a pinch is crushed in hand and added for fragrance to the kalasa theerthams as well as sweet preparations like payasam, sakkarai pongal etc, made out of jaggery)is applied on the main stone idol of Lord Balaji daily. This is a chemical item.A type of acid which may cause itching even. If this chemical item is pasted on any black stones like granite etc would result in cracks developing in the stone.But surprisingly if this is applied on the stone formations found at Thirupati they have no effect on them. Though this is applied on the idol of Lord Balaji on all the 365 days in a year no damage has been done to the idol.

3.In all granite stone idols of gods and godesses one could see the chipping of the stones by the sculptor.Similarly in the case of metallic casting of idols one could detect visible marks of the liquid metal having been poured for the casting of the idol at place or the other. But in respect of the idol of Lord Balaji no such markings could be detected at any part of the idol. Normally one can feel the roughness on the stone carvings of any stone or granite idol.But in the case of idol of Lord Balaji all intricate carvings/workmanship appear as a smooth finish and do not appear to be manmade.The various decorative ornaments carved on the idol of Lord Balaji, like the CHUTTI on the forehead, the ear rings, the eye brows, the decorative snake formations etc-all look bright and spick and span like polished ornaments.

4.The idol of the Balaji always maintains a temperature of around 110*F. The Thirumala Hills is in cold climate at a height of about 3000 feet. ABHISHEGAM(sacred bath) is done early in the morning around 4.30AM to the idol with Cold Water,Cold Milk as well as other DRAVYAMS. But immediately after the sacred bath fine particles of water,appear on the body of the idol just like sweating.The ARCHAKAS,PUROHITS, gently swap the sweatings by pressing a silken cloth on the body of the idol.On allThursdays, when the ornaments put on the idol of Balaji are removed just before the commencement of the sacred bath they are found to be very warm.

The Temple, the daily rituals of worship, the income from the HUNDI(Donation Box) Puja(Worship) procedures, the historic events — all are unique and wonderful events in themselves .

1.The kitchen hall at Tirupathi is very big and spacious.Many variety of items are prepared daily on massive scale. Say for e.g. PONGAL(a white rice preparation using lot of Ghee(melted butter) and pepper),CURD RICE,TAMARIND RICE,DIFFERENT TYPES OF MIXED RICE PREPARATIONS, VADAI,MURUKKU,JEELEBHI,ATHIRASAM,POLI,APPAM, MILAGU VADAI, LADDU, PAYASAM,DOSAI,RAVA KESARI, BADAM KESARI, CASHEWNUT KESARI etc etc.(These are names of items in TAMIL Language and no attempt made to describe it in English as it would be futile)

2.The temple authorities buy a mut pot daily in which curd rice is offered to the Lord. Except curd rice, no other cooked or prepared food items will ever cross the KULASEKARA STEPS(the name of the steps at the entrance of the sanctum sanctorium of Lord Balaji) and enter the sanctum sanctorium. DIAMONDS, VAIDOORIUMS,GOLDEN VESSELS etc etc would never ever cross the KULASEKARAN STEPS and enter the sanctum sanctorium . It is deemed to be a big blessing indeed if any devotee gets the used mud pot and any remnants/left overs of the curd rice offered to Lord Balaji.

3.Other than the clothes offered by the devotees, the Andhra Pradesh Government also offers ONE SET of dress twice in a year.

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