Chilkur Balaji Temple

Sbalajiignificance of the temple :
No doubt god is omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence, but always there will be some significant importance to the places where he dwells. Like Tirumala, where he is known as the lord of seven hills, like varanasi or benares where he is known as vishwanath etc. Each of these places has prominent importance, the mere visiting of these places and seeking the blessings of god at these places has an impact on the people. Similar is the case with the chilkur balaji temple at hyderabad. The temple was built around 500 years ago. This temple is considered to be an alternative to Tirumala temple. Lord Balaji blesses devotees alongwith ammavaru RajyaLakshmi.

The temple is one of the oldest in Telengana, having been built during the time of Akkanna and Madanna, the uncles of Bhakta Ramdas. According to tradition, a devotee who used to visit Tirupati every year could not do so on one occasion owing to serious ill health. Lord Venkateshwara appeared in his dream and said, “I am right here in the jungle nearby. You don’t have to worry.” The devotee at once moved to the place indicated by the Lord in the dream and saw a molehill there, which he dug up. Accidentally, the axe struck Lord Balaji’s idol (covered by the molehill) below the chin and on the chest. Surprisingly blood started flowing profusely from the “wounds”, flooding the ground and turning it scarlet. The devotee could not believe his eyes. He could not believe his ears when he heard a voice from the air saying, “Flood the molehill with cow’s milk.” When the devotee did so, a Swayambhu idol of Lord Balaji accompanied by Sridevi and Bhoodevi (a rare combination) was found, and this idol was installed with the due rites and a temple built for it. The unique feature of this idol is that lotus flowers are held in three hands and the fourth hand is in a position towards the lotus feet which signifies the doctrine of Saranagathi.

The priests over here are running a revolution against the existing system prevailing in the temples. Presently to have darshan of god in the temple, there are various rates available namely special darshan ticket, quick darshan ticket etc. To see god one has to pay some amount in these temples, they are against this concept of taking money to see the god. For the same reason they have not kept any darshan tickets at chilkur neither there is any hundi or donation box kept at chilkur temple. One can freely have the darshan of the lord during the temple timings and everyone is same before god. It is the concept of equality and doesnt consider one to be high because of his position or the money he has with him. Everyone should come in the same darshan line or queue to have a darshan of lord whether he is a common man or a bureaucrat or a minister or rich man or a poor man. There is no need for a person to pay anything to have the darshan of lord.

Visit Ritual:
The popularity of chilkur rose to greater heights when people started getting solved their problems with the grace and blessings of lord balaji. The ritual is that one has to do pradikshna or parikrama or circumambulations to lord balaji 11 times and pray with his wish. And after completion of his wish, he need to come back to the temple and complete 108 pradakshinas. The daily increasing number of people who are doing 108 pradakshinas indicates how many people are blessed and have got their wishes fulfilled by Lord Balaji. People call him as Visa God, because people who have been rejected visas earlier after wishing at this temple have been granted visas. so it has become a trend that who ever is going for a visa to any country is coming to chilkur before he applies for a visa and is immediately granted his visa and after being granted comes back and performs his 108 pradakshinas. Cases where the visas have been rejected earlier, those people also after coming to chilkur have been granted visas by the grace of Lord.

Here the priests teach all the people whoever come to the temple with right conduct and right behaviour. Also they show the path to God only we need to travel in that path. They give some simple techniques by applying which most of the devotees have sorted out their problems. As there is no donation box, they only want most of the people to get awareness of the fight they are waging against the government regarding the existing system prevailing in the temples. For this they are using a monthly magazine called Vak which is printed in 3 languages telugu, hindi and english costing 5 rupees. Their only wish is that who ever comes to chilkur should get the blessings of balaji in abundance.