Parvati after listening to the details about kala chakra, asked Siva, “ Who is Vishwaksena? How did he do the penance? Please tell me wh at boon he got and what are his whereabouts”? Siva felt very happy listeni ng to her questions and said thus: Long ago in Kr u ta yuga, a beautiful celestial nymph (apsara) called Kuntala went to the asramamam of Durvasa muni by the command of Indra. She performed dance in front of Durvasa muni when he was in deep penance . The disturbed Durvasa became very angry and cursed her saying , “Oh K untala , one with ba d intentions ! You will lose your position in heaven .” Kuntala got scared and prayed to him by saluting with both her hands. “Oh! Great Saint! I am following Indra’s command.

Please forgive me for the mistake .” Durvasa said to h er , “ My words never become false . I will tell you the way to get rid of the curse.You will go back to heaven as soon as you give birth to a kid ”. Kuntala requested Durva : sa , “P lease bless me with a kid who has a long life, a great devotee and has the v alor like Vishnu. ” Durvasa gr anted her wish. Kuntala was re born as a dau ghter to Vi:raba: hu , a cruel persona lity . She was named a s Suvarchala. She made her parents very happy while growing up. She became very famous for her beauty and good character. Vi:raba: hu performed her marriag e ce remony with Bhadra who was the son of Dharma. One day in the Phalguna month, sukla paksha, she finished her bath in the river Narmada and stood near the m ountain .

Varuna deva s aw her beauty and was very much impressed and asked her to wish for a boon. Suvarchala asked him to bless her with a good son which he readily granted . Suvarachala felt very happy . After some time, Suvarchala gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. When he was born, the auspicious signs like the sound o f celestial drums was heard, flowers rained from the sky, and the breeze blew with fragrance . The b aby’s face was shining like a full moon, with lotus eyes, his skin was like pure gold and his feet had the impressions of conch, chakra and the mace . He was born in the star of Pushya. He was growing like a moon in the sukla paksha with valor. W hen the boy reached his tenth year, Suvarchala passed away. His father also left him.

The boy became an orphan and started wandering in the surroundings of the kashy apa ashramam. Sage Kashyapa grasped that this boy was from the royal family and the son of Varuna. He accepted the boy as his student (Sishya). Kashyapa g ave the upadesam of Gayathri mantra and taught him all the V edas along with S iksha and V yakaranam. Af ter the completion of his education, the boy so ught permission from sage K ashyapa to do penance . Kashyapa allowed him with blessings . The boy went to Vrusha:dri and started rigorous penance with austeries.

Lord Srima nnarayana appear ed in front of him and blessed him with the boon of becoming the army chief of Lord Sriman narayana. He was also blessed with a divine form similar to Lord Narayana (sa:ru:pyam) having sankha, chakra and gada in his hands. Hey Pa:rvathi! Vishwakse:na ’s birth was not based on ka rma. Vishwakse:na took incarnation by accepting the command of Srimannarayana when the demi gods prayed to H im .

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