Descriptions of the Divya Vimana of Lord Sri Venkateswara.

Lord BalajiVamadeva said, “Oh King, the sages had an unprecedented vision of the divine Vimana rising on the south side, along the banks of sacred Swami Pushkarini on Venkatadri. The divine Vimana was the abode of Lord Srimannarayana, completely transcendental in appearance, eternal in nature, dazzling to the eyes of the beholder, immaculately pure, shining like a cloud in the sky. It was adorned with many crests bedecked with all kinds of pure gems, pearls, and diamonds radiating their light in all the 10 directions, standing very high in the sky, giving immense joy to the sages looking at it, effulgent in an unparalleled manner and never seen by anyone before. All the sages with tears of happiness flowing from their eyes had the darshan of this divine Vimana along with Lord Srinivasa and exclaimed how this was hidden by the Lord Himself till now, even though it was situated on the banks of Swami Pushkarini.

They understood that this happened only due to His grace. While the sages stood there with awe, Lord Srimannarayana said to Srutha, the King of Haihaya and son of a Gandharva “Oh king, I am very much pleased, you may ask for anything you wish and I’ll grant all your wishes.” King Sankha said very humbly – “Oh Lord, you are the protector of all beings, you are the source of innumerable auspicious qualities, and you are the creator of this entire universe. My hair stands on edge as I see your divinely effulgent form. I wish to attain your eternal abode. There is nothing else I hanker for other than your abode”. Lord looking very attractive with his enchanting smile, said – “Oh Sankha, you have lead a very praiseworthy life, you will attain the abode of Indra and other devathas (demi-gods) and receive their respects till the end of great delusion(Pralaya).

Lord, creator of even Bramha and other gods, one who maintains the whole universe just with his most compassionate glances, one with fully blossomed lotus like wide open eyes, one who is the only shelter to the gods, disappeared from the external vision of Bramha, Siva and other gathered sages. Then all the sages offered their obeisances again and again from all directions and shared the following feelings among themselves: Description of the glorious Vimana of Lord Srinivasa – “Lord’s activities are beyond the reach of one’s senses. This whole universe is pervaded with His brilliance. His weapons are so dazzling as though they are going to dry up the oceans, they are radiating the compassionate glances of the Lord in all directions. Such Lord is residing on this great Venakatachalam.

How can we describe the greatness, purity and auspiciousness of this Venkatachalam? Even if we are great poets with purity of thought and mind, we can’t describe the glories of it even in one hundred years. In this entire universe, there is no place equal to Venkatachalam and there is no God equal to the Lord of Venkatachalam, Sri Venkatesa, either in the past or in the future. There is no other tirtha equal to the most sacred Swami Pushkarini. And there is no sinner equal to the one who says otherwise.”

venkatadri samam sthanam bramhande nasthi kinchana |
venkatesa samo devo na bhuto na bhavaishyati||

Vamadeva further said, “After Bramha and other gods shared their ecstatic feelings, they took bath, drank the sacred Swami Pushakrini waters followed by the darshan of the great Vima:na of Lord Venkateswara. This airplane was unseen by anyone before, inside it they saw Lord Srimannarayana with 4 hands, radiating brilliant light in all directions, the one who never abandons his devotees, one who always looks after the welfare of his devotees, one who is adorned with innumerable gold, gems and other splendid ornaments, one with 5 weapons in his hands, one who bestows all kinds of boons to his devotees, one who is wearing pure yellow clothes, one who is always very peaceful in appearance, one who can remove all difficulties of those taking shelter at his lotus feet, one with lotus like wide eyes filled with compassion on all beings, one who is always served by Sri Lakshmi Devi standing beside Him, one who is also served by the most beautiful Bhoodevi without a moment of separation, one who created this entire universe, that Lord is Sri Srinivasa.”

With their eyes wide open with astonishment and happiness, they offered their obeisances and glorified him will all the Vedic chantings, circumambulated the Vimana, again and again, offered obeisances to Lord Srinivasa, and praised the greatness of the “king of all mountains”, the most sacred Sri Venkatachala, and started to return back to their places. Siva with his devotees and associates also started heading back to his home, Kailasa mountain, which was decorated with Parijata plants and inhabited by the most austere sages and Sidhas.

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