Divine Lakes on Venkatachalam

SrinivasaGovinda11After hearing the account of Agastya seeing the divine mountain Ve:nkata:chalam, King Janaka requested Va:ma:deva to give further details about the divine water bodies on Ve:nkata:chalam, their significance and the benefit one would get by taking bath in them. Va:made:va responded, “It is not possible to describe the greatness of the sacred ponds in detail. Even hundreds of years would not suffice to share all the glories and greatness. Let me share in brief about the thirty-five divine lakes that Sage Agasthya saw on the Ve:nkata:chalam:
1. Va:ra:ham
2. Va:manam
3. Soumyam
4. Panchanadam
5. Sila:to:yam
6. Maha:thi:rtham
7. Padma Sarovar
8. Aparam
9. Pa:pana:sanam
10. Aindram
11. Va:yavyam
12. Va:runam
13. Bramhathi:rtham
14. Aghaghnam
15. A:gne:yam
16. Sarvaka:madam
17. Panchathi:rtham
18. Gowri:thi:rtham
19. A:svinam
20. Pa:rame:swaram
21. Chakrathi:rtham
22. Sankhathi:rtham
23. Vijayam
24. Vimalam
25. So:kana:sanam
26. Matsyam
27. Kaurmam
28. Ga:rudam
29. Pa:ndavam
30. Ma:ya:mayam
31. Maha:thi:rtham
32. Ka:ndavam
33. Ka:halam
34. Da:dimam
35. Madhuram

On the northern side of the hill there are six more punya thi:rtha:s namely
a) Sa:liva:hanam
b) Ro:ganam
c) Sa:ntham
d) Sakaladukha prasam
e) Krushna nidhya:nam
f) Swa:my Thi:rtham

Of all the thi:rtha:s, Swamy Thi:rtham is the most divine one. It is also called Swami Pushkarini. Lord Sri:niva:sa along with Lakshmidevi spend their pleasure time around the shore. All the animals come to Pushkarini to drink water. Pushkarini is well known for having crystal clear water. It is not humanly possible to describe about its greatness. Pushkarini is well known and is worshipped by all the de:vata:s.

Just saying “Swami Pushkarini” in the morning can help one attain a higher state in their life. If one takes bath or drinks the water, they would reach heaven in a special divine plane. People will get rid of their sins, improve their health and get happiness without worries in their lives.

Sage Va:made:va continued “Hey King Janaka! Lord Srimannarayana Himself told all the sages and de:vata:s that Swami Pushkarini is as holy as River Ganga in eradicating the sins of people”. Hearing this, King Janaka requested the sage to describe in detail about the glories of Swami Pushkarini. The sage agreed and proceeded to tell the story of King Sankha and his devotion towards the Lord Sri:nivasa and the advice he received from the Lord.

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