Expedition of Saint Agastya and others North of Seshadri

tirupati balajiVa:made:va: Saint Agastya, along with other saints, set out for an expedition on northern side of Seshadri Mountain ranges, in quest of finding supreme lord Sri:niva:sa. Along the way, the saints came across a mystical location filled with Jambu trees having huge branches, tagged with nectarine fruits and blossomed flowers, whose white trunks resembled the sparkling glow of a crystal. Also, there were charming splendid rivers flowing with serene and auspicious waters. Saint Agastya, along with other sages, bathed ecstatically in those soothing waters, attained great peace and attended to their daily Vedic rituals meditating on the all-pervasive form of Lord Sriman Na:ra:yana, known as Va:sudeva and continued their pursuit heading further north on Seshadri mountains. One fine day, towards far North, Saint Agasthya and the sages became jubilant on noticing a picturesque forest densely filled with beautiful radiant trees surrounded by thick dark clouds resembling great mountain ranges.

The forest had a habitat of a wide-variety of animals, snakes, cobras, birds and beasts. There were many placid lakes and ponds filled with tranquil waters, covered with beautiful flowers, and gentle soothing breeze. Drinking the nectar from the fully blossomed fragrant flowers, the maddened bumblebees produced a pleasant humming sound that complimented the cooing of the cuckoos, chirping of various birds and the dancing of the peacocks from the nearby caves and treetops. There were a variety of auspicious trees such as Asvattha, Plaksha, Bilva; nectarine fruit bearing trees such as Ma:di, Sirisha, Simsupottala, Hitala and Panasa; aromatic flower bearing trees such as Timisa, Vakula, NaktaMa:la in addition to many varieties of regular and exclusive red sandalwood trees.

In the middle of such beautiful forest, Saint Agastya’s fellowship became ecstatic on the sight of a spectacular heart captivating lotus pond, known as Padma Sarovaram, whose shores were bedecked with jubilantly glowing gems. The glitter from moon light and the fragrance from the fully blossomed Lotus flowers and other aromatic flowers within the pond gave the waters of the pond a touch of mysticism. The Lotus pond was not only a favorite destination for the demi-gods and celestial personalities such as Gandharvas, Yakshas and Vidya Dharas but also was a sporting ground for a variety of animals such as Lions, tigers, deers, elephants including royal birds such as Krouncha and Hamsas (Swans). Saint Agastya urged the fellowship to take bath in the Lotus Pond expounding the significance of how the holy dip in Padma Sarovaram is well reckoned for the fact of cleansing one’s sins and thus putting an end to miseries of life. He also explained how a single dip in this pond equalled the pious result of taking bath in all the thousands of sacred ponds and rivers throughout the creation.

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