Friday’s Divya Mangala Darsan of Lord Venkateswara Swami

Lord-Venkateswara-With-Sri-Devi-And-Bhoo-DeviThis Friday Lord Venkateswara Swami varu is adorned with ‘Nityakatla Samarpana’ as there are no festive occasions this week.

The Lord’s complexion is that of a dark rain-bearing cloud and the figure is attired in silken garments. Lord Srinivasa is wearing a specially made Bright Reddish Pink colored Silk Melchat Vastram with Pale Green colored border as Dhoti (24 yards) and with the same colored upper cloth (12 yards). The consorts Sridevi and Bhudevi on Lord’s Chest are wearing Dark Bluish Green colored Pattu Pavadas with Gold color border.

According to the custom of the hill shrine, Lord Srinivasa is adorned with ‘Visesha Samarpana’ or ‘Laghu Visesha Samarpana’ ( ‘Visesha Samarpana’ meaning, Adornment with diamond studded Jewels on the holy Tirumeni of the selfmanifested Lord Srinivasa’s icon) on all festive occasions, which are considered very special and grand in the temple. ‘Visesha’ literally mean ‘Special Occasion’ and ‘Samarpana’ mean ‘Adornment’.   On all the other days, the usual ‘Nityakatla Samarpana’ will be adorned to the Lord in the sanctum, (where ‘Nityakatla’ literally mean ‘Regular or Daily’).

Since the adornment is performed only once in a week, after the Friday Abhisheka Seva, if any grand festival, fall in the coming week, the adornment, according to custom is performed during the previous Friday.  In the Nityakatla Samarpana, the Lord is adorned with plain gold ornaments and among them the very special one, is the usage of beautiful gold crown, which is believed to be presented by King Akasa Raja (Father-in-law of Lord Srinivasa and the King of Narayanavanam in Tondamandalam region), on the occasion of the marriage of Lord Venkateswara with Padmavathi Thayar. Everytime the Lord is adorned with this ‘Akasa Raja Kireetam’, he looks so beautiful, as the Kireetam has close association with Lord’s marriage.

Let us have the ‘Manasika Darsan’ of Lord Srinivasa, during this week, in his splendid attire!

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