tirupati-balaji-photo-and-lord-venkateswara-575308Lord Venkateswara made Tirumala his abode five thousands years ago. Even before him it was Lord Varahaswami who has made Tirumala his abode. Many devotees have continued to construct grand entrances on the ramparts of the temple over generations. In Tirumala the east facing Sri Varahaswamy temple is located in the north west corner of the temple tank. As per tradition, we have to first visit this temple. Lord Srinivasa sought a gift of land measuring 100 square feet from Varahaswami, which he readily granted. In return, Srinivasa assured him with a agreement deed that he would be paid the first darshan, worship and offerings by the devotees.

This tradition is in Vogue to this day at Tirumala and Lord Varahaswamy continues to receive the age old traditional worship. Lord Venkateswara feels happy, only when the devotees have their darshan of Varahaswami first. To this day all offerings are first made to Lord Varahaswami and then to Lord Venkateswara. One can see the one foot square copper plaque near the deity. It is said to be the written agreement deed presented by Lord Venkateswara to Sri Varahaswami. Words resembling the brahmi script are found on it.

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