How to win grace of Lord Venkateswara

lord-balaji-10Lord venkateswara Swamy is the Highest diety in this kaliyug. He has a speciality in His form that He helps the devotees or praying people and His dealing “appears” as a business deal.. We should understand His venkateswara form is to help in this kaliyug.. so, if you vow anything to him, and after attaining that goal, or benefit you have to visit Tirupathi and pay your vow. This helps almost all who keep faith in this practice.. Thats why so much crowd in tirupathi and daily revenue in hundis cross one crore rupees.

Second type of Vow: This is called niluvu dopidi..means, utter burglery.. promissing to give away all the ornaments what ever are on the body at the time of taking this vow, if the desire or wish is fulfilled..drop all the ornaments in hundi. Tirupati venkateswara swamy or lord balaji likes this vow.

Tirukshavaram: tonsure, giving away our prestigious hair in tirupath kalyana katta and having His tiru namam on our forehead. This is a symbol for leaving the ego in his presence. Tirupati is very famous for this thiru kshavaram.

Fasting: This is also popular for decades and centuries to win Lord Balaji grace. Every saturday, you should take head bath, pray to him properly and do not touch non vegitarian or do not eat normal rice or your staple diet in the night. Fasting is far better. This wins His grace and you can attain your goal.

Japa: Always reciting his powerful name either “govinda” or “namo venkatesaya”. The second mantra was declared powerful by great devotee annmayya.

Other sevas for srivaru: going by walk to the temple from foot of hills (alipiri); some devotees smear turmeric and kumkum to every step of the seven hills. Some also light campher at each step because each step also is soo powerful in Tirupathi.

Vasanthotsavam: Vasantotsavam for sri venkateswara swamy was performed grandly in tirupathi on 1.4.07 and ooreginpu (procession) of Swami in the form of Malayappa swamy with sridevi and bhoodevi in the evening and all devotees joined the procession with great joy and rever. The hundi income on this sunday was estimated as 1.5 crores.

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