Indra and DemiGods Meditating on Seshadri Mountain…


On the eastern side of that great mountain Na:ra:yanadri, Agasthya saw, Jani trees; great seers immersed in meditating on the Lord, who are as radiating as the Sun; trees that resemble mountain peaks that are full of flowers and with big hanging branches shining with blossoming flowers; tall and huge elephants that have beautiful tusks, roaring lions, running wild boars; Siddhas, Kinnaras, Gandharavas, thousands of Yakshas and other demi gods. On moving further, he saw the eastern side of that mountain which is being served by great seers; one that’s worthy of great worship, one that is extremely pure, one being served by the residing animals, one with trees that have flowers and fruits all the time; one with great elephants, one with resounding sweet sounds coming from cuckoo birds; one dazzling with beautiful and high standing peaks; one with fiery snakes, one with great rocks, one that confers auspiciousness, one with tall gooseberry trees; one with great peaks and the one that causes great awe.

While moving around on that mountain with great seers, he saw a spectacle: something that resembles the nether worlds, one that scares the spectators and one that was never seen before by humans. He saw a fiery crater, by seeing which humans would faint, and approached it along with the seers. After seeing it again and again, Agasthya who knows dharma very well said ‘Anyone who climbs this mountain to watch this crater will faint and fall down. This scary crater appears as if death is waiting with its mouth wide open’. Then, at once, due to the influence of Agasthya the crater disappeared.

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