Iswara and Parvathy stay in the south east direction of Seshadri…

tirupati-e2Narada said “Iswara along with Parvathi and His consorts left to visit Seshadri mountain. On reaching there, they took bath in a special Lake called Asthikutam. If the ashes of any dead person were mixed in Ashthikutam, they would regain their original form completely – such was the speciality of the lake. After paying obeisance to Lord Srinivasa, they all moved in the south east direction of Venkatachalam to the banks of Lake Kapila Thirtha and appared in front of Lord Sudarasan who was doing penance there.

Iswara’s conversation with Lord Sudarsana

Being pleased with Sudarasana’s penance, Iswara asked Lord Sudarsana to choose any boon he wanted. Sudarsana requested Iswara to be in his soul permanently. On hearing that Iswara said, “O Sudarsana! I am very pleased with your penance. You were given as a boon to me by Lord Vishnu. Hence you have developed this intense friendship towards me. You requested me to stay within your soul. However it’s appropriate only for Narayana. You are making this request because of the intense love you have developed for me. I had a desire to physically touch Lord Narayana for a very long time. Due to my thamasic quality, I am afraid and unable to do so. It’s surprising that both our desires are the same. I’ll hence enter your body since you are close to Lord Narayana’s body all the time. This way both of our desires will be fulfilled. Lord Sudarsana after gaining these boons went to Panchayudha Thirtha.

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