Janaka taking bath in Swami Pushkarini.


Sage Satananda was telling the greatness of Swami Pushkarini to King Janaka. Further continuing, he said, “Vedas are the greatest among all the Sastras. Srimannarayana is the greatest and supreme among all the Gods and Swa:mi Pushkarini is the greatest among all the auspicious waters. Hence! O king! You go to Narayanadri, take bath in Swami Pushkarini with pure mind and worship Sri mannarayana , who is residing on its banks and to whom all the creatures surrender and get all your wishes fulfilled.”

When Satananda said this, King Janaka was overwhelmed with joy and immediately went to Vrishadri along with his ministers, took bath in Swami Pushkarini and offered prayers to Lord Srinivasa, Sridevi and Bhudevi.He lived there for a very long time and got all his wishes fulfilled. Then he came back to his kingdom Mithila again and ruled the earth. This is the 44th chapter from Vamana Purana , Kshetrakhanda, Sri Venkatachala mahathmyam, describing how all the 30 million holy waters of the universe come and enter Swami Pushkarini. Let Lord Srinivasa who has an immense love for Goddess SriLakshmi and the one who resides on Venkatachalam bless us all with endless wealth and prosperity.

sri: ve:nkata:dri nilayaha kamala: ka:mukaha puma:n |
abhangura vibhutirnaha tarangayathu mangalam ||

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