King Janaka obtains information on the glory of Venkatadri.

Snapana-Tirumanjanam-600x400King Janaka enquired Vamadeva about the Lord who is being worshipped by Rushis (Munindras) in the Northwestern direction of Venkatadri. Vamadeva said that the mountain is well known as Narayanadri and Srimannarayana Himself resides on the mountain. King Janaka then enquired Vamadeva about the reason for virtuous Uparichara Vasuvu to perform a severe penance in the waters of Swami Pushkarini. Vamadeva replied, “King Uparichara Vasuvu lived with great devotion towards Lord Srimannarayana. When the Lord disappeared, the king started worshipping Narayana in that Vima:nam itself. He used to take bath in the Swami Pushkarini and chant the twelve syllabled manthra “om namo: bhagavathe vasudevaya”, known as Dwadasaakshari. Thus he meditated on the Lord chanting the Dwadasaakshari for 12 years.”

Vama Deva told King Janaka, “After the disappearance of Lord, all the demigods, Sukracharya, Bruhaspathi and Saptha Rushis paid their respects to Srimannarayana and returned to their abodes praising the greatness of Venkatachalam. The king of heavens Indra too received blessings from Lord Srimannarayana and left to his place. Lord Vishwaksena along with his powerful ministers killed all demons as asked by Bramha. There is a divine Vimana on the Venkatachalam that purifies the worlds. But it is not visible to all. In every Yuga, whoever meditates on the Lord would be able to see this divine Vimana. This divine plane will be visible to devotes only with the grace of Srimannarayana. In the Kali yuga, people can see the Vimana built with all good features by the devotees on the mountain. In that divine Vimana, Lord Srimannarayana, the all powerful and Supreme Lord, would reside.

He will show his four shoulders, holding his weapons the Sankha and Chakra, and having Srimahalakshmi with him. People’s sins would be washed off if they pray to the Vimana and it will be famous in all the three worlds. This ‘Vimanam’ is worshipped by all Rushis, Gandharvas, Yakshas, demons and devatas. Along with Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Srimannarayana who was earlier seen in the Vimanam by the devotees resides there. This ‘Vimanam’ is having lot of divine power and can destroy sins. It is the greatest Vimanam in the whole universe. Agastya muni saluted Srimannarayana, received many boons and left to Mahindra Mountain along with rushis. Thus Vamadeva explained to King Janaka, the glorious history of Srimannarayana’s Vimanam on Venkatadri and its emergence in the future (Kali Yuga).”

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