Lord Shrinivasa Meets his Mother Bakula Devi.

Sri-BalajiLord Varahadeva told Shrinivasa that, “Your Lord eternal mother is living with Me. She has been acting as a very faithful maidservant, waiting for Your incarnation. Her name is Bakula mallika, or Bakula-devi. And she will take care of You and she will put the herbs on Your forehead, and love You like her own son. So Varahadeva called for Bakula-devi, and when she saw Shrinivasa, immediately her motherly love erupted within her heart, and Shrinivasa’s love for her awakened. Bakula-devi embraced Him, and she gathered the various herbs and placed it with camphor, and saffron and musk and very sacred ingredients, and she made a paste, and put it on Balaji’s forehead.

And, to honour the love of Bakula-devi, and to remember the Lord’s willingness to sacrifice for the welfare of His devotee, to this day,Venkateshvara is weraing that sacred mixture of paste upon His forehead. So, bakula-devi, she showed such motherly affection.Who is Bakula Devi? It is explained that previously Bakula-devi was Yashoda mayi. Krishna lived in Vrindavana for approximately twelve and a half(12+1/2) years, and it is the aspiration of every mother, to arrange for her childrens’ marriage.

But Krishna left Vrindavana and it was in Dvaraka when He was under the care of Vasudeva and Devaki, that He married eight(8) queens and sixteen thousand(16000) others. So, Yashodamayi was deprived of the opportunity to participate in these marriage ceremonies. But Krishna, knowing her heart, gave her the benediction, that “In a future incarnation, you will be My mother, and you will make arrangements for My marriage.”

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