Lord Shrinivasa Tapasya.

thiruShrinivasa (Shrinivasa) was travelling in this area, and He made His residence in the hole in the center of a large iant-hill that was situated under a large tamarind tree. There, he performed tapasya. No eating, no sleeping. Just meditation on Lakshmidevi to bring Her back. Lord Brahma(Lord Brahma) saw the situation of the Lord The nature of the Lord’s love- that He has left the etrnal abode of Vaikuntha where there is all opulence, and He is living as an ascetic under an ant-hill? Fasting! So Brahma approached Shiva, and together they went to Lakshmidevi in Kolhapura, so that the Lord could be fed. Lord Brahma became a cow, Shiva became a calf and Lakshmidevi a cowherd girl. She, with a little stick led the cow and the calf, to a place called Narayanapura, which was the capital of the kings of the Chola dynasty.

She proclaimed that, “I would like to see the king and queen, bcoz I have a very excellent cow and acalf, that I want to sell them.” The king and the queen came and saw that cow and calf. They were so special. They were willing to pay anything, and Lakshmidevi, she charged a large price. Just like as its said if we give away our books out for free, then people may take Them very cheaply. They have to pay price, then they’ll have some understanding that ‘this is valuable’. In 1966, in New York City, Shrila Prabhupada began the Hare Krishna Movement. At that time, the devotees, the first large public programme they ever made, they rented out an auditorium in Manhattan Island of New York City. And they sent out flyers. They were passing about in the streets by the thousands. And it was free admission, free prasada, free kirtana, free lecture by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, who was then called Swamiji. There was hundreds and hundreds of seats in that auditorium. But only a few people came. The devotees were terribly dissapointed. Then Shrila Prabhupada said, “Because you made it free.” So therefore they think it is a cheap thing. If you make them pay, then they’ll think there’s something valuable about it. Yes? Then they’ll take it seriously. He said, “Oh, but you didn’t see?” Prabhupada spoke as if there were thousands, millions of people there. He spoke with so much dynamic enthusiasm, led kirtana.

He said, “You did not see? Narada Muni was there. Brahma was there.” Devotees said, “We didn’t see.” Prabhupada saw. Prabhupada was always preaching for the pleasure of the previous acharyas. Bhakti Siddhanta Sarasvati Thakura said, “If nobody comes to your programmes, you preach with full enthusiasm to the four walls.” Bcoz, we are not preaching simply for material results. We are preaching… wahtever we do is for the satisfaction of guru and the Vaishnavas. And the spiritual master and the previous acharyas are pleased by our effort, not by our results. So, Lakshmidevi, she charged a high price. And the king and queen bought this cow with the calf.

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