Lord Sri Venkateshwara Tirumala Tirupathi Devastanam (TTD)

Lord-balaji-hd-www.picturesgallery.in images (17)Lord Sri Venkateshwara also known as Srinivisa Perumal Koil in Tirumala is a holy place for all Hindus and Sri Vishnavas in particular. Lord Balaji or Malayappa Swami are a few other names to the Lord Venkateshwara. Puranas referred Tirumala as one among 108 Diya Desangal (sacred shrines) of the Sri Vaishanava tradition. According to Puranas, Lord Vishnu stayed on the earth for sometime in the avatar of Swetha Varaham and rose out of Pushkarini as Swayambhu (Self incarnation).

Venkatam Hill is believed to be the part of celestical mount meru, brought to the earth from Vaykuntam by Garuda (Lord’s Vehicle) from Puranas. Tirumala Hills, the abode of Lord Sri Venkateswara, is believed to be the manifestation of Adhisesha (the cosmic serpant). Moreover, these Seven Hills are said to be Seven Hoods of Adi Shesha.

A rare photo of Lord Venkateswara picked by a Britisher, and the Vishwaroopam in the thumbnail on the photo of the Lord. Lord Srinivasa Perumal blesses his devotees with peace and prosperity. With Millions of money in Offering each day by lakhs of devotees, devotees who throng the sacred seven hills in Andhra Pradesh – India.

venkaTAdri samam sthAnam
brahmANDe nAsti kincana;
venkateSa samo devo
na bhUto na bhaviSyati

Varaha Purana declares that Tirumala Temple, the abode of Lord Venkateswara is the ultimate goal of all devotees from times immemorial. Sri Krishna Deva Raya(1509-1530 AD), a Kannada speaking king respected all sects of Hinduism, although he personally leaned in favour of Sri Vaishnavism, as evident in his litreary times. The Tirumala Raya Mandapam, in the main temple complex, is named after him. Inside the temple complex main carvings are the Krishna Devaraya Mandapam, Padi Kavali Maha Dwara Sampangi Pradakshinam, Ranga Mandapam Tirumala.

There are many Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanams Online Seva Portals that offers better service to the Devotees with their Web Based Interface. Devotees in Tirumala can participate in so many vishesha (special) poojas conducted to the lord. Tirupati Laddu is one of the most famous offerings and prasadams given to devotees at the Tirumala Tirupati Lord Venkateswara Temple. Tirupati Laddu is a spherical-shaped sweet made of flour and sugar.

Devotees / piligrims believe that “it is not that a Piligrim gets a darshan (glimpse) of this main deity, but it is the main deity who makes the Devotees to see Him”. To sum up, Tirumala is an ultimate destination for all devotees who trust in God.

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