Lord Srinivas borrows from Kubera.

charan-paadukaWhen Srinivas saw the large crowds of very, very highly respectable people, He became unhappy. Brahma asked, “What is the problem? All arrangements are being made. Why are You un happy?” He said, “How are we going to feed all these people? I’m living in an anthill, I don’t have anything, and we have to make elegant… This should be a glorious marriage; this should be an elegant marriage.We need to arrange all the decorations, and not only that we have to feed everyone feasts of sumptuous Prasad, but I have nothing” So Brahma, he called for Kuvera. And Kuvera stood before Lord Srinivas with folded palms, offering his repeated dandavats, and said, “My Lord, whatever I have is Your property, You are the proprietor of everything that exists.treasury of all the gods is ultimately Yours, just tell me and we will utilize it all”.

Lord Srinivas said, “No. it is yours. I will not take anything from you but I will accept a loan.” Kuvera wanted to give everything but the Lord insisted, “No, it must be a loan, I must set the principle.” I guess it is the principle that for many marriages you need loan. But also the dignity of this avatar, He did not want to take His devotee’s property. And then the Lord dictated the terms of the loan, He said “You give Me 14 Lakhs of gold coins with interest, and until the end of the Kali yuga whoever is really My devotee, when they come to see Me to take darshan, they will give their valuables and their wealth to pay the interest of the loan that I owe to you for My marriage”.

And it is because of this ingenious contract that the Balaji Tirupati temple is the wealthiest temple in all the worlds. I have seen people put their wedding rings in the hundi. Hare Krishna. People give so much valuables but it is the duty of the devotees of Srinivas to keep the Lord’s word. And He said, “Until the end of Kali Yuga, whoever My devotee is when they come for my darshan they will give substantial wealth to pay the interest, and then at the end of kali yuga then I will give back the principal as well”. So this arrangement was made. And all the very, very opulent arrangements of marriage were taking place, but Srinivas again was looking sad, and He was asked why. Padmavati could understand and everyone could understand.

Padmavati was not there at the time, I am sorry, the Demigods could understand. It was because Lakshmi Devi was still all alone in Kolapur performing tapasya. He did not want to marry Padmavati without the presence of Laxmi Devi. So Srinivas called for Surya, and told Surya, “Go to Laxmi Devi and tell Her that I am sick, very sick, and She should come at once and then She will come”. Surya was very afraid, “But You are not sick. You are not sick, how could I tell Laxmi Devi a lie? What will happen to me if I tell my Supreme Mother a lie? She will know, She knows everything.” And Srinivas said, “No, I will cover Her by my Maya potency so she will believe you” So Surya went to Kolapur, and told Laxmi Devi that, “Srinivas is living in the Venkatashala, the hills that cure all sins, and He is very sick, very sick, and He is asking for You to be by His side” So Laxmi Devi said, “I will go immediately.”

When She arrived, Srinivas fell to the ground pretending He was sick, and Her heart became very soft, but then She saw so many guests in all directions, She was wondering, “What’s happening?”, “Why all these guests?” and then the Lord opened the curtain of Maya, Yoga Maya, so that Laxmi could understand everything. She looked at Her beloved Lord, Narayan, in the form of Srinivas, “I know what’s happening. You are fulfilling Your vow, at last, to marry Vedavati, who has appeared in this world as Padmavati” The Lord said, “Yes.” Laxmi said, “I am thrilled with joy that You will do this. It is My great happiness. In fact, I will personally perform the bathing ceremony to consecrate You for Your marriage” Everyone was joyful. Laxmi Devi consecrated the Lord with a holy bath and then the Lord descended the mountain to Narayanpuram, where Aksharaj was waiting with great opulence and this marriage ceremony lasted for several weeks with great festivities and joy.

In the end, Bakula Devi told Aksharaj “Now, my son must return to His home” So Padmavati and Srinivas left the royal kingdom of Narayanpuram, and went back up to the top of mountain Tirumala, where They decided to reside in the ashram of Agasya Muni. In this way They lived happily together. Some time passed, Padmavati noticed that there was a sadness in the heart of her beloved. She said, “I know why You are sad. You are feeling separation from Laxmi, bring Her back.”

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