Lord Srinivas Marries Padmavati.

Lord-VenkateswaraPadmavati, she forgot what he said. So many so We Brahmans say so many things in this world. Srinivas told Bakula Devi that this girl, Padmavati, is none other than My consort, Vedavati, who has been performing tapasyas for several yugas to gain Me as her husband. Bakula said, “I will go to negotiate the marriage”. Bakula Malika went to a place called, Kapileshwar, the temple of Lord Siva. There she found the maidservants of Padmavati offering very fervent prayers. She asked, they told that, “Ever since our princess, Padmavati, left that garden where she met a strange hunter, she has fallen deadly sick. She has high fever and Aksharaj and Darini Devi, her mother and father, they have brought the best doctors, every type of doctor, but nothing seems to work, she is dying and nobody can understand the cause or the cure.Kapileshwar to please give mercy and save her”.

Bakula Devi said, “That is why I have come, too. Please bring me to her mother and father”They said, “Yes, we will bring. You will give them hope.”Meanwhile, Srinivas, it was His desire to elaborate this pastime. He took the form of a gypsy woman and had a mystical gypsy stick to put spells on people. And little baby, and she was dressed just like a gypsy, very authentic. And She came into Narayan puram, the capital of king, Aksharaj. And She was calling out that, “I am a gypsy woman and I have great powers, I could cure the sick, I could read the future”.

So one of the maidservants of the queen, she ran and told Darini Devi, Padmavati’s mother that, “There is a gypsy woman, can I bring Her? She seems to know the future.” She said, “Yes, bring Her immediately”. So Srinivas came in.She said, “Please tell, what is the problem with my daughter? What is the future? What will happen to my daughter? Please tell me, oh gypsy woman!”He said, “I will tell. I will access the Goddess of the mountain to speak through Me but first you must bring me rice, kum kum, turmeric, silk saris and gold coins.”And She set it all up very nicely, and started chanting mantras. She said, “Now you must bring your daughter to Me”. Padmavati was brought in, Srinivas was very happy. The queen saw this gypsy woman gazing very deeply upon her daughter. She said, “Show Me your palms.”

She said, “I know what is her illness. She met a very great personality. She has fallen in love with him. And due to separation, she is love sick”.The queen was insulted by this, “What nonsense you’re talking, my daughter love sick?” She said, “Yes, this is what happened, I know. I could see it. I could see the past, and I could see the future. In fact, this person is none other than the Supreme Lord. The Supreme Lord, Who is living in the mountains of Sheshachala. And He was hunting an elephant and He happened to seeyour daughter and all her friends when they saw this elephant coming, they all ran away and left your daughter alone, but this person was heroic. He came to rescue her. How do I know all these things? The Goddess of the mountain is telling Me.”The queen rejected what the gypsy woman said. She said, “The mother of this great personality is coming very soon to negotiate marriage and you should accept it.” And the gypsy woman left and Srinivas went back to His ant hill.

At the next moment, Bakula Devi arrived through another door but Bakula Devi, her stature was awesome, she had such majestic good qualities, although she just lived as a very simple woman with no possessions in the forest, she had such dignity that Darini Devi immediately was very deeply impressed and gave her a respectable greeting. And Bakula Devi offered her a plate made out of ivory that was covered with the most precious, celestial jewels, and presented it to the queen. She said, “I have come to ask your daughter’s hand for the marriage of my Son, Who is the Supreme Lord, living in the hills of Seshachalam”The queen said, “What is this incarnation of God? I have not heard of any incarnation of Vishnu.

And if Vishnu, Who is full of all opulences, were to incarnate in this world, what would He be doing living like a hermit in the jungles of the mountains? Let me speak to my king about this.” Darini Devi repeated the proposal to Aksharaj. Aksharaj consulted his ministers, who were Brahmins, they said, “We don’t know of any incarnation of God on these hills, but the great sage, Shuka, he is living in those mountains. He is all-knowing, we should consult him.” They all went to the hermitage of Shuka, and Shuka said, “Yes, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Narayan, is living in the hills of Seshachalam. And king Aksharaj, you can never estimate your supreme good fortune that He wants to marry your daughter. Why does He want to marry your daughter? She is a Goddess of fortune, His eternal consort. You should immediately, as soon as possible, arrange for this marriage.” Aksharaj, Shuka and the other family members came together and selected the soonest, auspicious date, which was on the next ekadasi.

And they wrote, Aksharaj wrote a letter to Srinivas proclaiming that he is offering the hand of his daughter in marriage. So Bakula Devi and the sage, Shuka, delivered that letter to the ant hill, where Srinivas was residing. Srinivas was very happy, very happy. But the marriage was very soon, it was just a matter of days and He wanted to invite all the demigods. So He meditated in His mind and from His mind, Garuda and Ananta Deva appeared. And He gave them the order, “Invite all the principal demigods to come at once to My marriage” And soon they were coming, Brahma, Siva, Indra, Vayu, Agni, Surya Yamaraj, very auspicious, every one was coming.

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