Lord Srinivasa in Archa Form Gives Advices to King

lord balajiThe hunter Sabara and the King Chakravarthi reached the Seshachalam mountains. There the king saw a great white boar eating rice and roaring very loudly. He also saw a Vima:na which was very spectacular and shining, studded with diamonds and glowing like thousand Suns and was surprised. The king Chakravarthi enquired the hunter Sabara about the details of the great white boar and the Vima:na.

Sabara the hunter, told the King Chakravarthi, “Hey King! This white boar is not an ordinary boar. It is an avatara of Lord Srimannarayana who came down to earth in the form of Varaha to protect Mother Earth. This divine Vimana also belongs to the Lord. The ant hill is also very divine because it became the residence of Lord Srimannarayana”.

The hunter asked the king to dig the ant hill to see Lord. The King was hesitant and was afraid to dig the ant hill. Instead the king poured milk brought by the cowherds. Lord Srinivasa appeared from the ant hill holding sankha(conch) and chakra(discus), adorned in beautiful yellow silk clothes, radiant with a crown studded with diamonds and gems, having a pleasant smile, with Srivatsa birth mark and with Sri Maha Lakshmi residing on his Chest, , who is the Lord of all the de:vata:s and is worshipped by them, who gives assurance to devotees with one hand and places his other hand near the waist pardoning the sins of all devotees.

The King paid obeisance to Lord Srinivasa again and again and eulogized Him saying “Oh Lord Srinivasa ! As per your divine command, the whole Universe is being governed by Deva, Bramha, Rudra, Vasu, Sadhyas, Viswadeva, seven Maruthas and many other demi gods. This divine form of Yours is not seen even by the great Yogis. You are the sacrificial fire of the Yajnas, You are the fruit of all the Yajnas. You receive the offerings in the yajna, being the indweller of all the demi gods.

You are omniscient, omnipresent and always with Sridevi. You are the Sriyah Pathi. You have no birth. You are the reason for every thing that is manifested, unmanifested and yet to manifest. You are the creator of the Universe. For ignorant people, you may appear symbolic or fictitious, but the infallible scriptures describe like this – You are the Lord with incomparable qualities is sometimes described in the Vedic literature as nirakara and nirguna only to explain that your form is beyond material imperfections. Lord Srimannarayana! You have no birth, You are the Lord of all worlds and savior of all devotees. I surrender to you. “Lord was pleased with his repeated prayers and asked him to seek a boon. The king replied, “I request you to please appear in this form forever, so that everyone can enjoy your divine form. Please reside in this place for ever for the benefit of all people”

Lord Srinivasa was extremely pleased with the king’s request and granted the boon. He blessed the King saying, “There is no one who is more devoted than you. From today onwards you are my friend.” Lord Srinivasa instructed the king to offer prayers three times a day. As per the instructions, the king started offering prayers sincerely and with utmost devotion. Out of his boundless compassion, Lord ignored the fact that he was in Archa form and used to give advices to the king while the king was worshiping Him.

King Celebrates Brahmostavam and Pushpa Yagam

On the day, when the sun was in the Kanya Rasi, the king performed the hoisting of the divine flag as recommended in the scriptures. He offered prayers and hoisted the divine Garuda dwaja on a tall and grand flag staff. Chanting mantras, he invited Bramha, Indra, Dikpalakas, and Rudra along with their families to come soon to serve Lord Srinvasa.

Bramha arrived on Swan; Rudra arrived with Parvathi on His bull along with the entire Rudra battalion. Indra arrived on Airavatha elephant. All the dikpalakas arrived on their respective vehicles. They all came to mount Seshadri to participate in Bramhotsavams. Sage Narada also arrived chanting the Hari Nama several thousands of times, playing his instrument Veena called Mahathi, meditating on Lord the resplendent Na:ra:yana and reciting the Vedas. All the kings along with their citizens arrived to do service to Lord Srinivasa. A few were praying for kids while some blind people sought blessings to get back their vision. They came from all parts of the world singing the glory of Lord Srinivasa.

The celebrations went on with pomp and gaiety. All were blessed by Lord Srinivasa. Those who were blind by birth were blessed with sight. All the handicapped people were cured of all their physical deficiencies and became normal healthy people. Deaf and dumb were able to hear and talk. Lame people were able to run. From that year onwards, each and every year, whoever offered services to Lord Srinivasa were blessed with prosperity. As per the command of Indra, the king of demi gods, the Rain God made the surroundings clean and pleasant with a drizzle. On the eight day, Lord Srinivasa was taken around in the gold chariot which was studded with precious gems and stones.

After the eight days of festivity, with the approach of auspicious Vishnu Nakshatra (star) called Sravana, the yajna was concluded. Then, as per the command of Lord Srinivasa, Sudarsana Chakra, was taken to Swami Pushkarini for the auspicious bath (“avabhrutha snanam”) to mark the conclusion of the event. That night as per the Sastra, the Garuda flag was brought down by the scholars, and several offerings were made.On the following day, Sri Pushpa Yajna was performed by worshipping Lord Srinivasa with many different kinds of fragrant flowers. Then Lord Srinivasa bid farewell to Bramha, Rudra, Indra and the demi Gods who humbly offered their obeisances. The king Chakravarthi felt blessed for conducting this event and reached home with a joy filled heart.

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