Lord Srinivasa Meets Padmavati

tirupati balajipPhoto (11)Srnivasa and Bakhula Devi lived in the forest together.In that He was often in His anthill doing tapasya. It garden It came to his notice that, in the forest, on the top there of the hill, there were some wild animals,was a many tigers, lions, elephants. They were harrassing innocent people, sometimes even devouring them. So Shrinivasa told Bakula that, “I want to go on a hunting excursion to protect the innocent from these dangerous animals.” But as a mother she said, “No, no! You cannot go out there. It is very dangerous, it is a very strange place. You should not go.” But He was insisting, so finally she accepted. So He put on the robes of a hunter, with a bow and an arrow, and a horse, and He went out, and there He saw a gigantic wild elephant.

The elephant was running, and Shrinivasa was galloping on His horse after the elephant. The elephant came into a garden.beautiful princess of the name Padmavati(Padmavati), along with her maid-servants. The elephant lifted his trunk and offered praise to Padmavati devi, and then he disappeared into the forest. Shrinivasa came right behind him, and when He saw Padmavati, who was standing, stunned by the fear of the elephant, it just approached her. Shrinivasa was Himself stunned with her beauty. He got off His horse. He said, “Who are you? Have you descended from the heavenly worlds? In this earth planet, there is no one so beautiful. Ther’s no one so enchanting and so pure as yourself. Please tell me who you are?” She said, “My name is Padmavati, and I am the daughter of the king Aksharaja from the dynasty of the moon, and I am here in the garden with all of my friends. Can You tell me good sir, who are You?” He said, “I am also from a royal dynasty coming from the moon god. My father is vasudeva and My name is Krishna. And, now My mother has taken the form of Bakula-devi, and she is seraching to find a suitable wife for My marriage.”

And just then the maid-servants of the princess came. And she (they) saw this Hunter talking with the princess. They were very offended by this. “Who is this… Who are You? Who are You? What are You doing here?” And they started warning Padmavati, “You are a girl of great royalty. You cannot be just speaking to a hunter, a strange person alone in the forest. What is this?” Shrinivasa smiled and said, “O young maid-servants, do not be alarmed. I am in love with her, and she is in love with Me. And I am going to propose to marry her.”“ Haa?” (response of maid-servants). Padmavati was beginning to blush. She looked down and said, “First You have to ask My parents their permission.” And the maid-servants, they were very angry. “You are seducing the princess. Get out from here! Get out from here!” They picked up stones, and hurled the stones at Shrinivasa.

Again and again, they were throwing stones and they were chasing after Him, and He jumped on His horse and rode away. And they were chasing after Him throwing stones. He was feeling great pain. He returned to the home of Bakula-devi. She saw that He looked unhappy. “Why are You unhappy?” He said, “Bcoz I am in love. but the girl that i love, i cannot go near. All her friends throw stones at me!” (sobbing voice) [Laughter of devotees], and Bakula-mallika said, “You are the Lord of the Universe. How could You be enchanted by a mere mortal woman of this world? But still whatever You desire is my life. If you desire I will go to that place to negotiate marriage with her parents.”

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