Lord Srinivasa searching Lakshmi devi.


Lord Srinivas said, “But will She come back? She is still performing tapasya because of Brga Muni’s kick on My chest, will She come back?” She said, “Of course She will come back.” “But what about you?” Padmavati said, “It will be the greatest honour and joy of my life to share My home with Laxmi. Together We will serve You for all of eternity.” So Lord Srinivas went to Kolapur to bring Laxmi back but Maha Laxmi knowing He was coming, She disappeared, went to Patala loka, where She took shelter in the ashram of Kapila Deva, the avatar of the Lord. The Lord could not find Her. It was at that time that the Lord was told that He should perform tapasya to get Laxmi back.

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