Lord Srinivasa Turns Into Stone

god-balajiWith the progress of Kali yuga, the world was plunged into chaos and evil. Lord Srinivasa announced that with the chaotic rule of the human race in Kali yuga, he no longer wished to talk directly to the unworthy. He would become a stone statue and communicate only with his dear devotees. Saying this, he transferred himself into a statue, now the stone icon of Venkateshwara, on Tirumala hill.

Once Srinivasa was no longer available to him, Thondaimaan lost interest in ruling. He handed over his kingdom to his son and left for Venkatadri. There he chanted the thousand names (sahasranaama) of the Lord with offerings of tulasi (sacred basil) leaves till he attained moksha or final liberation.

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