Lord Starts Meditating on Lakshmi devi

lord-venkateswara-31On these Tirumala hills, He was to dig with His own hands a kund. He dug the kund and then He had Varuna fill it with ambrosial waters of sacred rivers and then He was to install a magnificent, golden lotus flower. And He was to sit in the whorl of the lotus flower and meditate on Laxmi Devi. He sat on the lotus flower, the power of His meditation, the power of His love in separation created a heat that was filling the entire universe, and ultimately it reached the heart of Laxmi. And She consulted Kapila Muni, “What should I do?” Kapila Muni told Her that, “Your Lord, Your beloved keeps feeling deep separation from You, He is performing tapasya to get You back, You should go to Him, it is Your heartfelt desire.

Why are you taking so seriously this offence of Brga Muni? After all, it was the Lord’s plan. Even if Brga Muni committed an offence by kicking Him in the chest, what is the result? NOW THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS WITHOUT EXCEPTION OF DOUBT THAT LORD NARAYAN IS THE SUPREME PERSONALITY OF GODHEAD, THE KING OF ALL KINGS, AND THE GREATEST OBJECT OF EVERYONE’S WORSHIP. Brga Muni, he has established that fact beyond doubt. So even if he committed some offence, the end justifies the means. He did a great thing. You should go back, You should forgive Brga Muni and You should give pleasure to Lord Srinivas.” That was just what Laxmi Devi wanted to hear.

With a blissful heart She travelled through the stem of that lotus flower, and in a most miraculous, astounding way through the lotus stem She just appeared on the whorl of the golden lotus at the side of Srinivas, effulgent like millions of suns. Srinivas and Luxmi Devi gazed upon each other. They were united again. Sri Venkateshwara Dev Ki Jai !!!

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