Miracles Of Venkateshwara

lord-balaji-feetVenkateshwara is credited with countless miracles performed to save and redeem his devotees.

Vasu, a great devotee of the Lord, was a tribal hunter. One day he went to the forest to collect honey to mix with the food he wanted to offer the Lord. Meanwhile, his only child, a twelve year old boy named Suveera, offered the food to Venkateshwara and then ate it. When Vasu heard of this on his return, he was furious and wanted to kill his child. But Venkateshwara appeared and stayed his hand, saying that Suveera too was his devotee, and he had happily accepted the offering without the honey.

A pious lady prayed to Venkateshwara to save her sick husband’s life, in return for which she would gift her mangal sutra (thaali), her wedding svmbol which she wore around her neck, into the hundi (collection box). When the husband became well, she decided, instead, to buy another mangal sutra as her offering, and dropped it in the Lord’s hundi. But when she came out of the temple, the thaali a around her neck was missing. Venkateshwara, who had saved her husband’s life, had redeemed her pledge.

Hathiram Bhava was a Bengali devotee who came to the hill to worship Venkateshwara. He built an ashram where 1ie lived alone, and was known as Sevadasji. As his mode of worship was mystical and different, he was avoided by the others. So the Lord visited him every night and they would play a game of chess together. One night the Lord left his pearl necklace in the house of Sevadas. When Sevadas took it to the temple in the morning, his story was not believed, and he was imprisoned for theft. Sevadas prayed to the Lord to prove his innocence. At midnight, a white elephant entered the prison cell. The terrified jailers ran and brought the temple authorities. When they opened the prison doors, the elephant vanished before their eyes, leaving them dumbfounded. Sevadas ran to the temple shouting “Hathiram” (hathi=elephant). His innocence was established and he came to be known as Hathiram Mal-iaiit.

A poor man had nothing to offer the Lord except the two rupees left in his pocket. He put that in the hundi, and came home to find that he had won a gold ring in a chit fund.

The stories of Venkateshwara miracles are endless and a few appear in some of the following chapters. Venkateshwara is the fountainhead of compassion, and the true devotee is never denied his Lord’s grace.

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