My relationship with the Lord of Seven Hills

My parents, Burle Pulla Rao and Smt. Burle Venkata Lakshmi have great
affection and devotion towards Lord Venkateswara that cannot be expressed
in words. They frequently visit Tirumala and have always walked up the
Seven Hills with the bare f oot. My father has always worshipped him with his
full heart. I was born in 1980 in Khammam in my grandparent’s home, Sri.
Singavarapu Anantha Ramulu and Smt. Koti Ratnam. In the year 2000, I
moved to Hyderabad for a job and stayed in a hostel. One day in my dream, I
saw a very bright light. It was so bright that I could not see anything, but
heard a voice that said “you have to perform Sree Venkateswara Swamy
Vratham immediately”. When I opened my eyes, it was dark around me, so I
went back to sleep. The next day, I went to the temple in Ameerpet and
asked the priest about Sree Venkateswara Swamy Vratham. But he replied
that, he never heard about this Vratham. I asked many priests in different
temples but no one knew about it. After sometime, I totally forgot about the
dream and the Vratham. I visit Tirumala every year by walking up the seven
hills and perform Anga Pradhakshina (roll along the path in
circumambulation, ensuring that every part of their body touches the
ground) in the temple without fail , but completely forgot about the dream.
I married Rushikesh in the year 2002 and then moved with him to
California, U.S.A., right after our wedding. I was blessed with a daughter,
Neyhaa in 2003. I visited Tirumala Tirupati in 2005 with my family, during our
vacation to India. As usual, I decided to perform Anga Pradhakshina. The
cottage that we stayed in Tirumala was far away from the temple. I woke up
in the morning, took some money and went out. I began to walk looking for a
taxi. Then a horse-cart came and stopped before me. An old man came down
from the cart and said “I will take you to the temple, come and sit -down in
the cart”. I did not have enough time. Ten minutes were left to reach the
temple. I was tensed whether I could do the Anga Pradhakshina or not. Then I
told him “if I go in your cart we will not reach the temple in time and I will be
deprived of performing Anga Pradhakshina, I cannot go with you. I will go by
taxi so that I can reach the temple in time”. He laughed at me and then
assured me not to get scared. He said that he will take me to the temple in
time and said, “You will perform Anga Pradhakshina without fail”. I could not
think of anything at that time, so I got into the cart. That old man took me to
the temple and handed me to a lady over there. I still remember her bright
and charming face, even till today. She had turmeric on her face, with a big
red round dot on her forehead (kumkum), two ornaments on her nose and
flowers in her hair. She was very beautiful, just like Goddess Padmavathi. She
held my hand, took me to the well (Koneru) and dipped me three times in the water. Then she applied turmeric and kumkum on my face and asked me to

pray to the Sun God (Surya Namaskar). After that, she took me to the temple
from the main front door (Dhwaja Sthambam). And after my ‘Anga
Pradhakshina’, she arranged for a special dharshan of Lord Venkateswara.

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