Tirupati_Balaji_templeOnce, a great devotee sat on the banks of Swami Pushkarini on the north side of mount Narayanadri and did penance for a very long time on Lord Srimannarayana. During that time of penance, peace and calmness spread around the place.

After some time, Lord Srimannarayana, giver of boons to all creatures, appeared in front of the Brahmin. Lord along with Lakshmidevi seated on his lap was sitting on the Garuda radiating brilliant light. He was wearing a golden garland and a Tulasi garland, having a mark on his chest called Sri:vathsa shining in the light emanated from Kousthubha Mani, with a pleasant face and lotus like eyes.

Seeing God in front of him, the Brahmin was in shock for a few moments. He then recovered. With tears of happiness flowing down his cheeks, he went around Lord Na:ra:yana praising him – “O king of the universe, having no one greater or equal to you! Even by doing great penance one can only know a tiny facet of your greatness! No one can ever understand your magnitude fully. Please save me. It is only Your grace that I am able to see you; your sight fills me with ecstasy.”

Lord Srimannarayana asked him the reason for his penance and promised to fulfill his desires. The Brahmin replied to the lord, “Oh! Lord, my name is Na:ra:yana; I visited every place on the earth to see you but was not successful. With the guidance of the four-headed Bramha, I came to this sacred place and did penance. This kind of penance is extremely difficult for human beings. Bless us all with your presence along with mother Lakshmi Devi, Adisesha and Vishvaksena by the side of Swami Pushkarani. Please name this mountain as Na:rayana:dri.”

Hearing this Lord Na:ra:yana felt happy and replied saying – “I will grant your wish. Any person – sinful or otherwise, who takes bath in this Swami Pushkarani and offers prayers to me will be liberated. They will be blessed with all the wealth of this world. From today, this mountain will be called as Na:ra:yanadri”.

From then on Lord Na:ra:yana along with Sridevi, Bhudevi and Neeladevi resided on the mount Na:rayana:dri adorning Sankha and Chakra, blessing all worldly creatures with kindness and happiness.

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