Penance of Vayu Deva

lord venkateswara

Iswara giving more details about the penance of Vayu Deva said, “Hey Parvathi I will elucidate the way Vayu deva did the meditation. Vayu deva stood in the midst of five fires in summer, stood on earth during rainy season and spent the spring and autumn seasons near Swami Pushkarini . He meditated for thousand years .” Then Parvathi asked I:swara, “ Hey lord! Did lord Narayana appear before Vayudeva? How did he appear? What boons was he granted by lord Narayana?” I:swara replied: “After thousand years, Lord Srimannarayana appeared alo ng with Sri and Bhudevi seated on Garuda, adorning sankha, chakra, saranga and arrows, along with Se:sha, the thousand hooded serpent.

Va:yu deva, wh o moves among all the beings, saw the lord and stood up in surprise. He became too excited at the divine appearance of Lord and lost his sanity momentarily. Out of happiness, he moved up and down and moved in spirals. The lord, who is not visible even by doing penance or chanting Vedas, appeared before him. He bowed down again and again to offer obeisances t o Lord. Vayudeva eulogized Lord Srimannarayana by singing his glory who took various incarnations to protect his devotees. Lord was pleased and asked Va:yudeva to wish for something.

Vayu deva said that he did not want a boon, but prayed to be in the Lor d’s presence always. Listening to the wish of Va:yudeva, Lord replied:  Whoever chants the sixty four slo:kas you sang now will get my grace and will have all the prosperity in this world and other worlds  Whoever chants these sixty four slokas with a peac eful mind and devotion, three times a day for six months will surely reach my abode.  Whoever chants these slokas, will have all their wishes fulfilled. After receiving the boon he wished, Va:yudeva left for heaven. In an invisible form, Lord Srimannaray ana along with Sridevi and Bhu:devi moved around the Venkatachala hill.

The abode was also invisible. The Swamy Pushkarini was laden with trees and fruits in all the six seasons. Lord Srimannarayana, looking as handsome as millions of manmadha:s, moved ar ound along with Goddess Laksmi devi and Bhu devi, like a sixteen year old. Siva said to Pa:rvathy, “Our son also had the vision of the lord and is staying on the banks of the lake Kuma:radha:rika. The Bramha hat h ya sin which has an unbearable and frig htening appearance disappeared as soon as he saw the Ve:nkatachala hill”. After many years, Lord Garuda had a thought to take Venkatachala back to Vaikunta. On perceiving this, Lord Narayana said, “Oh king of birds! We shall all continue staying on thi s mountain. You stay in the southern part of the mountain.

Sesha, you become mountain beneath Garuda. I will stay here to protect the world until the dissolution. In each Yuga, this mountain will be known with a different name. In Kruta Yuga, it is Vrusha dri, Thretha Yuga Garudachala, Dwapara Yuga Seshadri, Kali Yuga Venkatachala. Various sages and devotees will also call this mountain as Na:ra:yana:dri across different yugas . ” I:swara told Pa:rvathy, “Hey Pa:rvathi, we too will stay with Kuma:ra S wamy who is on Ve:nkata:dri hill”.

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