Problems created by demons like Devajit.

lord srinivasaKing Janaka wondered about Vishwaksena, and asked Vamadeva about the history of Vishwaksena killing powerful Rakshasas after receiving order from Srimannarayana. Then Sage Vamadeva started telling the history, “Once upon a time there used to be three brothers named Devajith, Mruthyujith and Shathrujith in the lineage of Hiranyaksha. They were very powerful in using magical powers. They prayed Lord Bramha and received wishes from him that they will not be killed by Devatas. Then they started hurting people. They used to consume even the offerings of Yajnas which were meant for Devatas. They started disturbing the Sages. Due to their cruel activities, the oceans started drying up, the sunlight decreased, the mountains started melting.

All the devatas surrendered to Lord of Narayanadri seeking refuge. Lord Srimannarayana ordered Vishwaksena to save the earth from these demons. Vishwaksena appeared in the sky with his seven ministers and thousands of solders. Knowing that Vishwaksena came for war againist them, all demons who were in forests, rivers, mountains got ready to fight against Vishwaksena. A great war started between both the groups. The weapons in the sky were looked as if the sky was burning. Devajit threw a weapon named maya on solders of Vishwaksena. Vishwaksena’s minister named Medhavi with his inteligence supressed the Ma:ya weapon. Medhavi threw the powerful arrow which he received from Lord Srimannarayana, which killed many demons. Then Mruthyujith threw maya weapon. Vishwaksena’s minister named Shathragna, cut off the head of Mruthyujith with his sword. But Mruthyujith using his magical powers got another head.

He took a scary form and threw maha: maya weapon, which made Vishwaksena’s soldiers lose their power. Another minister of Vishwaksena named Kalagni with his weapon named Shakthi ended the Demons. But the three brothers were not really killed; they were feigning death. They all stood up and threw vayuvyastra, varunastra, suryastra, agneyastra, indrastra, raudhrastra, yamashtra, gandhrvastra, jrumbhakastra, kuberastra etc continuously one after another on Vishwaksena’s soldiers. Sun, moon and various planets disappeared and it was looking as though the world came to an end. By looking at this situation, Vishwaksena with his golden bow threw Narayanastra which was more powerful than any other weapons ever used. All creatures, mountains, rivers were scared of the fire emitting from the Narayanastra. All the demons got killed and fell down on the earth like the birds that lost their wings. Sage Vamadeva explained to Janaka that the whole earth was covered by deadbodies of the demons. Seeing this, Devatas and Sages started praising Vishwaksena that it was not possible for anyone else to kill these Demons. Thus waging one of the most dangerous wars ever, Vishwaksena and his battalion left to their abode.

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