Saint Agastya and sages meet Mystic Group of Yogis…

tirumalaAfter taking a dip in the holy pond, the group of sages witnessed a group of deeply meditating Mystics, underneath a tree on the eastern banks of the Lotus pond and approached them. The Mystics duly welcomed Sage Agasthya and others, as per prescribed Vedic injunctions. Later on, Saint Agastya, who was adept in addressing elderly and saintly learned scholars, humbly inquired from the mystics if they have witnessed any miracles or wonders around this Padma Sarovaram. He also asked if the Mystics knew which of the divinities resided in that place, who were they meditating upon and what brought them to the banks of Padma Sarovaram. Sanath Kumara, the Celestial Mystic Saint, yielding to the appropriate addressing of Saint Agastya replied – “Oh Great Saint, the all pervading Supreme Lord Vishnu, is residing on these Seshadri Mountains.

Lord Vishnu alone is the indisputable object of everyone’s Meditation. Such Lord Vishnu is beyond anyone’s material contemplation as he can only be understood through Vedic Literature. He alone is the source of all the cosmic manifestation. Furthermore, He is the only eternal personality who is present in all the three times, namely, past (before creation), present (along way of creation) and future (after creation). Oh! Saint, know this for sure without any doubt! We meditate upon such Lord, Sri Maha Vishnu, alone, who is the supreme personality of Godhead and no one else. We witnessed such Supreme Lord Hari, one time, who is worshipped even by the best of the devathas.

Pretty soon you all, will be the object of mercy of Supreme Lord and will be blessed to see him. If you head towards the east of these auspicious hills of Ve:nkatadri, you can witness a miraculous surprise. The king of heavens, Lord Indra, who has the weapon of thunderbolt, is there along with other denizens of the heavenly planets. Along with the other sages, head towards east.” Having said so, the mystics at once disappeared. The group of saints was awestruck by the disappearing of the mystics from their sight.

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