Sathananda’s Narration about the Incarnation of the Supreme God.

Lord balaji hdSATHANANDA:- Many saints from different corners of the world attended King Janaka’s fire sacrifice called, Aswamedha yagam, that was performed on the banks of river Ganga. Janaka felt grateful for the benevolent appearance of the saints; offered obeisance and requested to bless him with their association. Saints acknowledging Janaka’s humility, agreed to stay back. All the saints, before resting for that night, narrated the auspicious qualities of the Supreme Lord, Sriman Narayana, to Janaka. On the morning of the next day, after performing the prescribed Vedic duties such as Sandhya- Vandanam and Agni-Karyam, the saints came back to the place where Yagam (fire sacrifice) was being performed. They continued their discussion on the glories of the Supreme Personality of God-head Sriman Narayana.

To everyone’s surprise, a very effulgent and pious personality by name Vamadeva arrived. All the saints stood up and offered their respects and started addressing him as follows: “Oh! Vamadeva, you wander all over this earth in search of knowledge and thus have accumulated abundant wealth of divine knowledge serving many learned personalities. So, we are all eager to hear from you, about the divine glories of Lord Simannarayana.

King Janaka would also like to know about Lord Simannarayana’s current appearance as Lord Srinivasa.” Vamadeva addressed King Janaka and the saints as follows: Vamadeva:- “Oh! The best among the twice born, Vipravaras, the sacred mountain ranges of Venkata, known as Venkatachalam, are situated at a distance of about two hundred yojanas (1 yojana = 8 miles) from here in the southern direction. They are also referred to as Narayanaadri mountains, inhabited by different demi-gods such as Devatas, Gandharvas, Siddhas including many sages and saints performing penance by regulating their food. I have personally witnessed many great sages such as Agastya, Narada, Pulastya, Pulaha, Kratu, son of Angeerasa, Daksha, and Jaabaali and have inquired, after humbly offering obeisances, what brought them here to Narayanadri.

All saints were in deep meditation on the Supreme Lord Narayana and none answered my plea except Saint Agastya, who out of pure compassion, revealed the reason of their stay on Narayanadri Mountain. Agastya informed that long time ago, Sage Narada observed penance for Lord Narayana on the banks of Godavari and went to the celestial Milky Ocean to see Lord Narayana. But to his surprise, Sage Narada didn’t find Lord Narayana in the Milky ocean. Sage Narada, then went to his father’s abode Satya loka, and requested his father, Lord Bramha, to disclose where Lord Narayana was. Bramha came out of his meditation to answer his son’s plea and said – “Oh my dear son, Na:rada! The Supreme Lord Narayana, along with His consort Sridevi, is visiting a mountain called Narayanadri on Planet Earth. Please visit Narayanadri, if you want to see Lord Narayana.” Agastya then continued, “By the will of providence, all these sages including myself met and hence accompanied Sage Narada on his way to Narayanadri.

All of us searched for Lord Narayana all over this Venkatadri mountain ranges but couldn’t find Lord Narayana. To help us out, including the devatas, headed by Lord Bramha, along with their consorts set out in search of Lord Narayana, but none could trace the supreme lord. Finally, Lord Bramha instructed us that we stay back here on this auspicious Venkatadri Mountains and perform penance by circumambulating the mountain to visit all the holy rivers, lakes and ponds present on the mountain and meditate upon Lord Narayana until he grants his divine appearance” and left to his own abode, Satya Loka. Vamadeva continued – King Janaka! Agastya offering his obeisance’s to Bramha, along with all others headed north, crossing the western portion of the Venkatadri Mountain to perform penance as instructed by Lord Bramha. After performing deep penance on Lord Narayana for a long time, Agastya, along with his fellowship witnessed a miracle. A brilliantly shining huge crystal with smooth surfaces resembling that of a marble stone appeared, on whose top, a mystical self-effulgent hand of some personality that resembled a mountain top appeared.

He had broad shoulders and chest, anointed with red sandalwood paste, dressed in red clothes, wore a fragrant garland of red flowers around his neck. He wore a marvelous crown bedecked with rare jewels and had a bodily effulgence of the shining sun. Everyone awestruck by the amazingly beautiful sight of this mystical personality, offered obeisances and started to inquire about him as follows. Agastya, with folded palms pleaded saying, “Oh! Great personality, who are you? Who is your father and where have you come from? Please reveal your real identity and please do not lie to us.” Vamadeva continued – All the saints became ecstatic and got captivated by the beauty of this effulgent, mystical personality and started to gaze at him with wide open eyes. The mystical personality simply looked at the Saints without replying and disappeared into thin air after a while. Everyone was awestruck by this mysticism and concluded that the mystical personality to be none other than Lord Narayana himself. They offered their obeisance and continued further north in great jubilation of finding Lord Na:ra:yana.

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