Seva in Tirumala


Arjita Seva means performing seva to the Lord on payment of a fee to the temple. God Tirupati oversee the worship of the Lord and His finances. There are three kinds of Sevaas for tirumala tirupati :Daily Sevaa, Weekly Sevaa and Periodical Sevaas.

The Temple addresses the main person performing the sevaa as Grihast. All people performing sevaas are advised to report to the Vaikuntham Queue Complex at least 45 minutes to 1 hour before start of the sevaa. Usually , the time of reporting to the Queue complex is provided on the purchased ticket. Most of the Sevaas require the pilgrims to adhere to traditional dressing norms: dhoti around the waist and uttariya (upper cloth) on the shoulder for men and saree salwar for women. The only exception to the rule is Archananantara Darshanam.

Daily Sevas :
Pilgrims can perform sevas to both the main deity and the Utsava Murti. The Arjita Sevas performed to the main deity of Sri Venkateswara in the sanctum sanctum are conducted between 3.00 AM to 6.00 AM, during which darshan is allowed up to the threshold of the sanctum itself.