Shankara explaining the reason behind the incarnation of Lord Narayana as Srinivasa


Sage Valmiki along with other sages asked, “Sri Na:rada, Please narrate what happened after Kumara swami reached Vrusha:dri”. Na:rada continued: “Oh! Brahmanas, the fair and radiant Kumaraswami left for Mount Vrusha:dri to do penance, accompanied by his army of de:vata:s. Meanwhile in Kailasha, Parvathi Devi out of love and affection for her son asked Lord Siva “Oh Lord! How can our little son, Kumaraswami, have the darshan of Lord Na:ra:yana which is difficult even for Lord Bramha?” Lord Siva smiled and replied “Oh Devi, Let me share with you the future that is destined to happen.

In the future, many sages who wish to have the Lord Na:ra:yana’s darshan will arrive at Mount Vrusha:dri. Many great men, Pitru de:vata:s, Gandharvas, Sidhdhas, Garudas, Nagas and even some great Rakshashas will desire to see Lord Na:ra:yana with their own eyes and perform severe penances. Some of them will worship me, Lord Bramha, our son Kumaraswami, and Indra. Some of the Rakshasas will worship us to gain victory over the de:vata:s. But both of us will also visit mount Vrusha:dri to see Lord Na:ra:yana. In order to have the vision of Lord on Ve:nkatachala, we will also perform severe penance.”

Lord Siva Obtaining The Chakra

Lord Siva continues: “Both of us along with de:vata:s and rishis should visit a place where a chakra with the name ‘Kaala chakra’ is performing penance for me. This chakra which is suffering because of separation from me is greatly troubled and is staying at a place called Chakra Thi:rtha as per the order of Lord Na:ra:yana.” At this, Parvathi devi asked. “Oh Lord! I am very surprised to know that the chakra is doing penance for you. The divine chakra is the weapon of Lord Na:ra:yana and is always in one of his hands. Why would the chakra do penance for you? What is the bonding between you and the chakra?” Lord Siva replied thus: “Devi, The chakra who has no birth and death, who is unimaginable and the most powerful, with thousands of sharp edges and more brilliant than millions of suns and who has the name Sudarsana belongs to Lord Na:ra:yana.

No one else can even attempt to hold that chakra. This chakra has once destroyed the city of Kashi, which is my capital and most beloved to me. He destroyed the Kashi city in order to destroy the demons occupying that city. I did a penance on Lord Narayana. After some time, Lord Na:ra:yana showered his grace on me and asked me to wish for a boon. I asked him for the chakra (who destroyed my city of Kashi) to be given to me and I do not need anything else. When I asked for the chakra, Lord Na:ra:yana smiled, held my hand and told me that just as light cannot stay away from the sun, Devi Lakshmi, the Kaustubha gem, the chakra, Garuda, Sa:ranga the bow etc., who always long to be with him cannot stay with anyone else. He also said that he never utters untruth and thus blessed me with the boon to have the chakra.

He said that the Sudarsana chakra will take an incarnation as another chakra, which will be created by Lord Bramha. That chakra will be known as the Ka:la chakra and will stay with me for a period of thousand years. He then said that the chakra will return to its original form when I offer it back to Lord Na:ra:yana. After I received the boon, I used the Ka:la chakra to punish many demons and to protect the de:vata:s. During my war with Tripura:sura, Lord Na:ra:yana taught me the mantra to get success in order to kill the demon. I offered the Ka:la chakra back to Lord Na:ra:yana as dakshina. That Ka:la chakra is now doing penance at Chakra Thi:rtha for the removal of separation from me.”

On hearing this, Parvati devi asked Lord Siva about the location of the Chakra Thi:rtha. Lord Siva then said, “On the south side of Vrisha:chala, on the river bank of Bahuprasravana, there are seventeen pious Thi:rthas. Chakra Thi:rtha is the first and foremost of them. It is below the Vajra Thi:rtha and this is where the Ka:la chakra did penance. After the great Sage Kapila (another incarnation of Lord Na:ra:yana) used this water, it came to be known as Kapila Thi:rtha. People can wash away all their sins by taking bath in this Kapila Thi:rtha.”

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