Significance of Seventeen Thirthams including Chakra Thirtha

tirupati-perumalThere are five holy lakes close to Vishwakse:na ’s ashram. These lakes are prot ected by the panc ha : yudhas of L ord Srimannaraya na and are in the shape of panchayudhas and can be seen even today on the moun tain. Agnihotra did penance at the sarovaram (pond) located near these lakes and this waterbody was extremely deep and difficult to reach . It has the reputation of removing sins and is called Lake Agneya . Further ahead there is the holy Bramha pond . The sapt h arshi s’ (seven rushis) asramam s and lakes are situated on top of Bramha sarovar. Each of the seventeen th i:rtha:s have the power of eradicating sins . One could get rid of sins by taking a dip in the holy pond or by chanting the name of the thi:rtha:s, or by taking a sip of water from the ponds and remembering the greatness of the history of the ponds.

Parvat i wanted to know a bit more about these ponds which have the power of eradicating the greatest of sins committed. Sankara explained thus – “Oh P a : rvathi! Earlier Bramha told Durva : sa about the significance of these waterbodies. Please listen to me carefull y. Sage Kapila had kapila lingam in the nether world ( patalalokam ) and he did abhishekam (holy bath) to that every day with the milk of ka : madhenu. One day after the abhishekam with the ka:madhe:nu milk, the linga m started growing and came out of the Earth. K a : madhe : nu got angry and it ordered the lingam not to grow any more by pressing with her ribs. Kapila lingam followed K a : madhe : nu ‘s order and it never gr ew after that. Kapila lingam look ed scary with five faces, 3 eyes and with five different colo rs in it. In Kr u ta yuga , it was called K apila lingam as it was offered the prayers by K apila mahrshi.

The lingam was glorified as Aagneyam in Treta yugam as the prayers were offered by Agni during that time. The lingam doesn’t have the begin ning or end a s it exist s in all the Yugams. Ka:la Chakra offered the prayers in Dwapara yugam and Kapila maharshi offered the prayers in Kaliyugam. There is a pushkarini in front of the Kapila lingam. It is called “Kaapilam” as the lingam came out of the pa : t h alam to b h u: lo : kam and it shows the way to reach to Kapila maharshi ashramam in pa: t h alam. This water filled lake remove s all the sins just by visiting it. Just by seeing this lake men and wo men are rewarded the heaven . People will get rid of death and old age by just taking bath in it. One gets the fruit of Va: jape : ya and Ashwame : dha yaga s by taking a holy dip only once in this lake. The one who perform s the ya :gam of Va: jape : ya will have rebirths but one who takes bath in this lake will never be re – born.

The one who takes the bath in Vajra thi:rtham which is situated on top of this, will get the punyam 10 times greater and then goes to deva lo : kam. V ishwaks e :na kunda gives hundre d times more result compared to V ajra thi:rtham . This way all these seventeen the erthas give great results. During ka : rthika ma: sam, on the full moon day afternoon, all the thi:rthams from the three worlds join in Kapila thi:rtham . If one takes bath during this time, he/she will get rid of all sins and go to Bramha ‘s world. One will get the result of donating gold of the size of Meru mou n tain by just donating the gold of sesame seed size at this thi:rtham . It gives ch andra lokam by just donating a fistful of rice. One will get Swarga, kailasa, vaikunta, Bramha lokams by giving away a cow, donating land, imparting knowledge, giving a girl or doing mantra upadesam. Th e one who chants the mantra ” A:ya: nthi sarva theerdhaani madhyahne kaapilam saraha” and takes bath in the afternoon of a full moon day during kaarthika masam will get the above result. O h parvat h i! you are so fortunate to listen to the mahatyam of these thi:rtham s. Now I will tell you about the penance of V a : yudeva ” .

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