Significance of Varaha Kshetra.

srinivasagovindarel151Previously in the Satya-yuga, Hiranyaksha with his demoniac power, to please his elder brother Hiranyakashipu, created such chaos in this world, that the earth planet, Bhu-loka was cast to the bottom of the Garbhodaka ocean. At that time the sages and demigods, they were helpless. They did not know what to do. They approached Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma prayed to the Supreme Lord Vishnu, and in the course of his prayer, a very small, little boar creature came out of his nose- the size of his thumb, Instantly It grew larger and larer and larger until It was like a huge mountain.

He had most exquisite lotus-like eyes, although He was a boar, which is a wild pig, which is considered a very ugly animal. Sometimes we praise people by comparing them to animals. ‘Fearless like a lion,’ ‘fast like a tiger,’ yes?’Graceful like a swan,’ ‘sings like a cuckoo.’ But have you ever heard in your life or read in any books, anybody being glorified by being compared to a pig? No. ‘You are sloppy like a pig!’, ‘You are ugly like a pig.’ If someone calls you a swan, you feel very nice. But if someone calls you a hog… “You are a pig!” It’s an insult. Very great insult. But when Lord Varaha, took the form of a boar- a wild pig, He was the personification of all opulences. He possessed all the 6(six) opulences.

He was beautiful! He was hypnotizing people! Everyone, all the great devotees were falling in love with Him. That is the greatness of the Lord’s power. How wonderful is our Lord! Achintya shakti- He can do anything. And how He does everything. Anyone who does not have faith in these stories is the most unfortunate dull-headed person in all the creation. The Lord is so amazing, that He can take the form of the most abominable of all animals, and be all-attractive! So that people are falling unconscious by the beauty of this Boar. People are offering prayers with tears pouring out of their eyes, out of their love for this Boar. Shri Varaha Bhagavan ki… [jaya!].

Why not? If Krishna wants to show His opulence, why not take the most despicable, abominable, obnoxious of all animals and show His glories and opulences and beauty, and enchant everyone’s heart in that form. That is the Lord’s greatness.And, He lifted the earth with the tusks, Jayadeva Gosvami sings in Dasha-avatara stotra. After He saved the earth and delivered Hiranyaksha, Bhu-devi, the presiding deity of this planet, she prayed to Lord Varaha that please make me home on earth, where I can be your consort, and live with you. Please make a home here. So, of all places, Lord Varaha-deva shows what He considered the most beautiful place on earth.

The Tirumala Hills. On the top of these hills, Tirumala, it is called Varaha Kshetra. Bhu-devi gave this land to Lord Varaha-deva, where they lived together very happily. So Shrinivasa came, and He asked for a place to reside here. Please listen carefully. Lord Varaha gave him a tract of land. Shrinivasa said, “If I’m taking this land from you, I want to pay rent. But I don’t have anything. But the rent that I will pay is this: ”I will induce all My devotees, for all the rest of the time in Kali-yuga, anyone who comes to see Me, in My temple, must first come and offer their worship and honour to You, Lord Varaha-deva.” So to follow this tradition, which very few people do, it would be very nice tomorrow if, before going to see Lord Balaji, we offer our honour, worship and take blessings from Shri Bhu-Varahadeva, who are residing on the banks of the Svami Pushkarini, a beautiful, sacred lake non-different than the river Ganges (Ganga), which absolves one’s sins.

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