Significance of Ve:nkata:chalam

venkateswaraOnce, many sages gathered around Su:tha Maharshi. These sages were very eager to know about the most sacred place on the earth. They wanted to know if there was a place which could eliminate all the sins- where the all-pervasive and compassionate Lord Srimanna:rayana always goes around happily in the company of Sri:de:vi, Bhu:devi and Ne:la:devi and a place where one can easily overcome the sorrows of life.

Then, Su:tha Maharshi revealed to the sages about what Sage Veda Vyasa Maharshi told him once, based on the conversations between Na:rada and Bhrugu Maharshi. Once, while travelling on the Earth, Na:rada visited the hermitage of Bhrugu Maharshiwith a joy filled heart. Maharshi Bhrugu along with his students cordially received sage Na:rada and after duly extending the hospitality asked Na:rada to reveal to him about a place that was best of all holy places; best of all the rivers on the Earth; a place Lord Sri:manna:rayana visits along with Goddess Lakshmi and personifies his unimaginable form to all the beings, a place where the people will be blessed to reach the abode of the Lord and a place where meditation will be successful.

In response to Bhrugu Maharshi’s question, Na:rada explained the greatness of Ve:nkata:chala. This divine place called Ve:nkata:chala, is superior to all the holy places and sacred rivers. It is the most sacred place which has the power to eliminate all our sins. With His compassion towards the devotees, Lord Sri:manna:rayana left his abode to visit this mountain range along with Sridevi.

This Ve:nkata:chala has 20 names;
1) Anjana:dri
2) Vrusha:dri
3) Se:sha:dri
4) Garuda:dri
5) The:rdha:dri
6) Sri:niva:sa:dri
7) Chintha:mani Giri
8) Vrushabha:dri
9) Vara:ha:dri
10) Jna:na:dri
11) Kanaka:chalam
12) A:nanda:dri
13) Ni:la:dri
14) Sume:ru Sikhara:chalam
15) Vaikunta:dri
16) Pushkara:dri
17) Ve:nkata:dri
18) Na:ra:yana Giri
19) Thirumalai
20) Simha:chalam.

Anyone who reads the names of this mountain range will be relieved of all their sins. There is no divine place equivalent to Ve:nkata:chala. There is no God equivalent to Lord Ve:nkata:chalapathi in the past, present or future. There exists an auspicious lake called Swami Pushkarini in Ve:nkata:chala, Lord Sri: Ve:nkate:swara gloriously resides on the bank of that lake.

Once Na:rada went to the milky ocean to offer his prayers to Lord Sri:manna:rayana. At that time he saw a highly elevated island called Shwe:tha Dvi:pam there. On that dvi:pam, in a forest of Kalpavriksham (wish fulfilling tree) he saw a glorious palace built with golden pillars. There he saw Lord Sri:manna:rayana who was resting on A:dise:sha.

Na:rada offered all his prayers to Lord Sri:manna:rayana and stood there with great devotion. Lord noticed him and invited him and asked if Na:rada knew a good place on the earth for him to stay. Na:rada informed The Lord about Ve:nkata:chala and told him that it would be the most appropriate place for the Lord to reside.

Also Na:rada informed Lord Sri:manna:rayana that the people in that place were leading their lives with no interest on Ve:da:s and prayer and need the blessings of the Lord. He prayed to Lord that he should reside in that place along with Goddess Lakshmi to save these people of Kaliyuga.

Then Lord Sri:manna:rayana called “A:dise:sha” and advised him to proceed to the earth and remain in the form of a mountain range at the place mentioned by Na:rada. He mentioned that he will come along with Goddess Lakshmi and reside there. A:dise:sha took the form of a mountain range on the earth. With the blessings of the Lord, all the sacred rivers and lakes flowed on the mountain range forever. Lord Sri:manna:rayana assured that the prayers offered by devotees in this place will be successful and the wishes will be fulfilled. Then, Lord along with Sridevi, Bhudevi and Ni:la:devi proceeded to Se:sha:chalam on His vehicle Garuda.

Further, Bhrugu Maharshi wanted to know how the mountain range got the name Na:rayana:dri.

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