Sri: Bhagavad Ra:ma:nuja in Tirupati

Lord BalajiSri: Ra:manuja arrived in Lower Tirupati to tragic news. The sacred temple at Chidambaram of the Lord called Govindaraja, had been razed to the ground by the army of a fanatic king, Kulotthunga Chola also known as Krimikantta. Bhagavad Ra:ma:nuja learned that while the devotees were able to save the smaller processional deities, the primary idol had been drowned in the sea. With the help of his new disciple, Ya:dava Ra:ja, Bhagavad Ra:ma:nuja built a majestic new temple for Lord Govindaraja at Tirupati, and had the processional deities brought and installed there.

Sri: Bhagavad Ra:ma:nuja received instruction from one of his a:cha:ryas, Periya Thirumala Nambi, on the hidden meanings of Ra:ma:yana at the foot of the Sacred Hills. There he learned from locals about a cave of Narasimha, another incarnation of the Supreme Lord, located on the hill. He followed clues and local legends and found the exact location where the Lord in His Majestic Man-Lion Form had appeared before some devout sages. He built a beautiful temple here that is active to this day.

Meanwhile, at the Lord’s Abode on top of the Hills, a disciple of Sri: Bhagavad Ra:ma:nuja experienced a unique miracle that brought a whole new message to His Divine Image Form. This disciple, Ananta:lwa:n, had been engaged by his guru to take care of the flower gardens from which garlands were prepared for the Lord. He and his wife took this job with great devotion and a sense of commitment that put this ahead of everything else, including the fact that they were expecting a child. On one especially busy day, a handsome young boy came to Ananta:lwa:n’s wife and offered to help her with the heavy sack of soil she was carrying. Ananta:lwa:n who did not want to share with anyone his service to Lord was against this. He wondered who this young boy was, and what his intentions were. He repeatedly stopped him but the boy was adamant on helping the pregnant lady. Ananta:lwa:n came running over, green with jealousy, and accidentally hit the boy on the chin with his shovel.

Before he could apologize, the mysterious young boy vanished. Later that morning, Ananta:lwa:n approached Sri: Venkate:swara to decorate Him with a colorful and aromatic flower garland. He nearly fainted with shock with what he saw – the Lord had blood oozing from the exact spot on which he accidentally hit the mysterious young boy. He immediately recalled one of the messages of the A:lwa:rs that said that the Supreme Being comes to our aid in the form of those who care. He sent a messenger to Sri: Bhagavad Ra:ma:nuja about this incident. He then wondered how to care for the Lord’s injury. He remembered that cooking camphor sometimes helps with cuts and abrasions, so he immediately rubbed some on Venkate:swara’s chin. The bleeding stopped. Ever since, the Lord and His entire replica Image Forms throughout the world are adorned with cooking camphor on the chin.

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