Lord Srinivasa

In the Garbha griha there is a very beautiful idol of Lord Krishna in the navanitha nritya pose along with consort Rukmini. The Lord is shown as a dancing child on his left foot on a lotus pedestal, the leg gracefully bent at the knee and not resting on the pedestal. The right hand holds butter, while the left is stretched out gracefully in a dancing pose.The earliest inscriptional reference to the idol is of 1100 A.D.It is this idol, which receives Ekanta Seva at night in the temple during the Dhanurmasa.

Neither this idol nor Sri Rama idol enjoys daily pooja. They only share nityarchana of Sri Venkatesha. Even naivedyam intended for Sri Rama or Sri Krishna are first offered to Lord Venkatesha only. But in asthanas and processions etc, outside the Garbha griha this particular idol gets offerings direct. This procedure is clearly mentioned in the epigraphs as in the Vijayanagara Inscription dated 12-8-1486.

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